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What You Can Expect During the DPS Factory Training Event

DPS Factory Training Instructors

"It's rare to see manufacturing staff, including the company founders, genuinely concerned about getting feedback on how their products perform, coupled with keen interest in improving their products."
-George Black, Advantel

Here is a standard four-day curriculum for the DPS Factory Training Event. But if you want to cover other topics let us know, and we will change the curriculum to fit you.

  • Day 1: T/Mon Basics: Monitor Mode, databasing, remote access and hardware.
  • Day 2: DPS Factory Tour; NetGuardian 832A hardware, installation and configuration; KDA remote telemetry unit; AlphaMax dial-up RTU; firmware downloads; T/Windows; and T/GrafX.
  • Day 3: ASCII alarm processing.
  • Day 4: SNMP: T/Mon trap processing; mediating contact closures to SNMP traps.

"DPS Factory Training is a big help in not feeling intimidated by your network monitoring system. It's excellent - presented in the right way and tailored to the needs of the class."
-Bill Speck, 3 Rivers Telephone

Act Now to Secure Your Place at the Next DPS Factory Training Event

Attending DPS Factory Training will immediately repay you in faster implementation times, more efficient alarm monitoring, and better uptime. And if you have a T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement, you and two of your colleagues can attend DPS Factory Training absolutely free - one of the great bonuses of Gold Plan membership.

Please see the enclosed calendar for dates of upcoming DPS Telecom Factory Training Events.

Call 1-800-693-0351 or visit www.dpstele.com/training today - Factory Training classes are small and they fill up quickly.

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