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Whether you're new to our equipment or you've used it for years, DPS factory training is the best way to get more from your monitoring.

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International Factory Training Reduces Cost, Travel Time For Attendees

Thank you to all who attended DPS Telecom's 1st international Factory Training Class in Canada.

This regional class was similar in curriculum to DPS Telecom's Factory Training Class held in Fresno, CA. Students attended 4 days of training on RTUs, Masters, and SNMP, with the option of a half day for ASCII.

Factory training class in Canada
DPS Factory Training, hosted at EIT in Brockville, ON.

DPS engineers and experts led the class through hands-on activities and demos. The students learned to how to wire and power up DPS devices. Then they were taught how to provision their units using DPS Telecom's user-friendly web interface.

The majority of the class focused on DPS Telecom's T/Mon Master Station. The students learned about new developments in the platform's interface and architecture, including a sneak peak of T/Mon's new set up wizards. The wizards are designed to make basic set up easy and fast.

"The new web GFX is amazing - huge improvement! I was also very impressed with the SNMP implementation on the T/Mon."
-Tim F.

DPS Still Offers Training Classes at Their Fresno HQ

Typical DPS Factory Training takes place at DPS Telecom HQ in Fresno, CA. The week-long course consists of 1 day of RTU training, 2 days of T/Mon training, 1 day of SNMP and an optional half day that focuses on automatic ASCII parsing. Students learn how to get the most from their DPS equipment, directly from the engineers that design it. Class sizes vary, but normally don't exceed 12.

DPS has been hosting this training in Fresno approximately 6 times a year for over 10 years. It provides both clients and DPS the unique opportunity to work together and improve products.

If you're interested in taking a class in Fresno and seeing the DPS facility, take a look at the list below for class dates or visit our Factory Training sign up page to reserve your seat today.

Upcoming DPS HQ Factory Training Classes:

  • August 7th - 11th
  • September 18th - 20th ~ Advanced Class
  • October 16th - 20th
  • November 13th - 17th
"[I was most impressed with] how capable and configurable your gear is, & how willing and able your team is to accommodate customer needs."
-David H.

Want to attend one of our other Regional classes scheduled for 2017? There is only 1 left! Visit our Factory Training sign up page to reserve your seat.

Upcoming DPS Regional Training Classes:

  • New York ~ October 2nd - 6th

DPS is planning to host more training classes in other major cities.

If you're interested in attending a regional training course or, if your company wants to host a DPS Factory Training Class, let us know below.

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