Arvig Communications Maximizes Their T/Mon Monitoring System With DPS Factory Training

Arvig Communication Systems (ACS) is a localized comm provider company based in Perham, Minnesota. First start as independent telephone company established in 1950, ACS has been one of the progressive risk-takers. They deliver cutting-edge technology to residential and business customers in the rural communities surrounding Perham, Walker, and Twin Valley, Minnesota.

Gary Schattschneider from Arvig Communications Systems (ACS)
Gary Schattschneider
Central Office Technician
Arvig Communications Systems

New Equipment Acquisitions Demanded New Monitoring Solutions for Arvig Communications.

During their recent expansion, the company acquired several other phone companies and now has a service area of over 7,000 sq. miles and serves 38 local telephone exchanges. ACS provides voice to over 44,400 customers and video and data to over 16,700 customers.

NetGuardians Provide Mission-Critical Visibility of Arvig's Entire Network.

To give them the site visibility they needed, the company deployed NetGuardian 832 RTU remotes at their CLEC sites. Later, they added a T/Mon NOC to their system and integrate their alarms on one screen.

Gary Schattschneider is a Central Office Technician at Arvig Communications. He needed to familiarize himself with DPS monitoring equipment, as he was responsible for the deploying the T/Mon NOC at company headquarters.

Factory Training Provides Hands-On Experience Prior to System Deployment.

To maximize the effectiveness of ACS's new monitoring system, Gary traveled to DPS headquarters to attend a regularly scheduled Factory Training Event. Here, he was able to familiarize himself with the DPS equipment, and discover new ways to leverage his monitoring investment.

With the hands-on training provided by DPS technicians and engineers, clients at Factory Training are able to become skilled T/Mon users. "It was a very good training course," Schattschneider said. "I liked the mix of the hands-on labs and lecture. The instructors were very knowledgeable and really knew the products inside and out."

T/Mon Provides Advanced Monitoring for SNMP and ASCII Devices.

Currently, the new ACS sites forward the alarms from their NetGuardians to an SNMP manager. However, Gary sees an opportunity to use T/Mon to make ACS's monitoring more effective. "We plan on bringing in all the alarms from our DMS and MetaSwitch networks into the T/Mon. Other company departments currently using the SNMP manager can also be brought into the T/Mon for monitoring. The plan is to use the T/Mon NOC as the single alarm collection point."