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Reality Check: Mediation Works

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Protocol mediation converts legacy alarms to SNMP Traps, enabling you to monitor all your equipment from your SNMP manager.

NetGuardian 832A
NetGuardian 832A KDA 864 SNMP
KDA 864-SNMP NetMediator
NetMediator T2S

Mediating other protocols to SNMP

For remote-site mediation, DPS Telecom offers the NetGuardian 832A, the KDA 864-SNMP, and the NetMediator 800. The NetGuardian is an SNMP-based remote telemetry unit that accepts inputs from discrete, analog and ping alarms, then forwards the data as SNMP Traps to multiple SNMP managers. The KDA accepts input from discrete alarms and TBOS ports and forwards the data as SNMP Traps to a single SNMP manager. The NetMediator includes all the local site monitoring capabilities of the NetGuardian, plus it can mediate TBOS and TAB alarms to SNMP.

For central-office mediation, the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System serves as a general protocol mediation solution. T/Mon collects alarms from many different types of equipment and protocols, mediates all alarm data to a common format, and forwards alarm data to other devices in a wide variety of protocols, including SNMP Traps.

Mediating SNMP to Other Protocols

Alternatively, you may have a non-SNMP master that is deeply embedded in your network, but you need to monitor native SNMP devices like switches, routers, and DACs. In that case, the correct solution is to mediate Traps from the SNMP devices into the protocols used by your existing master. This solution is more practical and less expensive than replacing your existing master, and also avoids the trouble and costs of installing and maintaining a specialized SNMP manager to monitor only SNMP equipment.

If you are mediating alarms from SNMP to other protocols, you most likely are collecting SNMP Traps from diverse equipment at various sites. You need a central office mediation solution that will collect the incoming Traps in one place and mediate them all to different protocols before forwarding them to the higher level master.

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