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How to Bring SNMP into your Older Alarm System

Elegantly mediate critical alarms & avoid an expensive overhaul

Whether you're a telco, power utility, or otherwise manage a network, keeping your equipment up-to-date is critical. The integrity of your network could mean the difference between life and death. But, at the rate technology changes, you're frequently challenged by incompatible protocols from different eras.

It's too expensive to constantly trash and rebuild your network with the latest gear. Your systems have to work correctly, of course, but you can't keep replacing all of your equipment every time technology changes.

Mediate SNMP alarms to Contact closures with the Trap 48 RA
Mediate SNMP alarms to Contact closures with the Trap 48 RA.

Don't scrap your functioning legacy gear - mediate it

Let's consider an example from the public safety (police/fire) radio industry where new SNMP equipment must be integrated with legacy gear:
(Remember that these concepts remain true for any industry)

You have an older alarm panel that everyone on your team likes and understands. It operates solely based on contact-closure inputs. That presents a problem now that you're deploying newer SNMP gear. You could replace your alarm panel with an SNMP manager. Unfortunately, this is costly, requires you to train your team all over again, and raises the probability of human error.

What you need is a solution that bridges the gap between your new SNMP monitoring equipment and your legacy gear. A device that can convert the SNMP traps from your new equipment into contact closures that even your alarm light panel can understand.

For example, let's say you have a newer, SNMP-capable NetGuardian 16A from DPS Telecom, but your legacy dispatch monitoring equipment can't interpret the Traps it sends.

Instead, a mediation device, such as the Trap 48 RA from DPS Telecom, can take traps from your NetGuardian 16A and translate them to dry contact inputs your dispatch equipment can decipher.

How it works:

The NetGuardian 16A sends traps via ethernet or other transport to your dispatch console when there is an alarm. Your dispatch console needs a mediator to take those SNMP traps and turn them into dry contacts. Thats where the Trap 48 RA comes in. It processes the inbound traps and mediates them for the dispatch console through simple CAT5 cable.

Don't have a NetGuardian 16A? Thats O.K. The Trap 48 RA is compatible with any SNMP-capable device.

Not in a public safety industry? This application works across a variety of industries.

Never miss a critical alarm again. With this simple Trap 48 RA solution, you'll save time and money - and maybe even lives.