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WhatsUp Gold Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Managers Integrate Seamlessly with DPS Telecom Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Do you know whether your Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) will integrate with your WhatsUp Gold SNMP Manager? If not, then you can be spending unnecessary time and cost searching for that exact RTU that will integrate with your important WhatsUp Gold SNMP manager.

Imagine if you knew that an RTU was field-proven to integrate with your WhatsUp Gold SNMP manager. Having that information will save you valuable time and resources.

WhatsUp Gold is just one of several Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managers that are guaranteed to work with DPS Telecom SNMP remotes.

DPS Telecom RTUs offer flawless integration with your WhatsUp Gold SNMP Manager and other vital SNMP devices with a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

WhatsUp Gold Background Information

  • WhatsUp Gold categorizes monitoring into three types: active, performance and passive. Active monitoring merely checks if the device or service is running. Performance monitoring looks at utilization levels for CPU, disk, interface and memory, as well as ping latency. Passive monitoring waits for events such as SNMP traps or an entry in a Windows event log.
  • WhatsUp Gold accesses and communicates with other devices on the network via SNMP and Windows authentication methods. This makes it easy to access both Linux and Windows machines.
  • WhatsUp Gold comes with more than 50 pre-defined reports and offers hundreds of customizable reports. The reports help identify traffic trends, which is especially important as more and more organizations deploy packet- and bandwidth-sensitive applications such as VoIP.

If you want to seamlessly integrate your remotes with WhatsUp Gold SNMP Manager, then Call DPS Now to learn more about DPS RTUs that are guaranteed to work for you.