T/Mon Supports What Average SNMP Managers Don't

T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System
T/Mon provides classic telemetry features that standard SNMP mangers can't match.

Now it is possible to adapt an SNMP manager to support these functions. But that requires custom databasing and software development work, and that takes a lot of time and a lot of money on top of whatever the SNMP manager costs initially.

Fortunately, there is a quicker, easier, and cheaper solution.

The T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System supports all 7 of these crucial telemetry functions, plus it mediates all your alarms, from all your sites, in all your legacy protocols, to SNMP and forwards the SNMP traps to your SNMP manager.

Integrating your legacy and SNMP monitoring with T/Mon gives you the best of both worlds. Your telemetry NOC staff and telecom maintenance technicians have the full, detailed alarm visibility they need to do their jobs. And your IT staff has alarms from throughout the network mediated to a standard format and sent to a standard location, so they can do their jobs. (In fact it's better because you now have visibility of equipment via SNMP that you never had before.)

Of course, I'm not suggesting that T/Mon is a replacement for your SNMP manager. T/Mon is not designed to manage computer networks, or integrate inventory or billing functions, drill down to specific equipment configuration details, or for traffic monitoring.

But T/Mon is a highly advanced tool for prompt, detailed, actionable notification of alarm events so you can prevent network outages, instead of finding out about them from irate customers after the fact. And using T/Mon in conjunction with your SNMP manager is going to make your SNMP implementation more effective for everyone in your company.