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Ping IP Elements and Get SNMP Traps If a Device Goes Offline

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The NetGuardian can generate SNMP traps to alert your NOC system operators of IP device offlines and failures.

Ping IP Elements and Receive SNMP Traps if a Device Fails or Goes Offline


  • Need to monitor online status of IP elements from your SNMP manager.


Both T/Mon and the NetGuardian 832A have ping alarm functionality. Either unit will ping IP elements and send an SNMP trap to your SNMP manager if a network element does not respond to the ping. Which unit you should choose for this application depends on the scale of your needs. The NetGuardian can ping up to 32 IP addresses; T/Mon can ping up to 960 IP addresses.

Send Alarm Notifications To Maintenance Personnel Via Pager And Email


  • Need 24/7 monitoring, but you can't afford a 24/7 manned NOC


T/Mon comes standard with everything you need for 24-hour pager and email notification. Paging and email take network alarm monitoring out of the NOC to wherever you are - your car, your remote sites, and even your home.

You'll have total assurance that you'll be notified if problems happen at any time. You can keep your field techs out in the field, dramatically reducing windshield time. Email notifications even create an automatic alarm history record.

Alarms can be acknowledged or tagged by two-way paging or email from your cell phone. T/Mon's automatic escalation ensures that you'll be notified if a tech doesn't acknowledge a page. The NetGuardian 832A also supports pager and email notifications - perfect for monitoring small networks without investing a lot of manpower.

Install Cost-Effective SNMP Monitoring for Small and Large Sites


  • One-size-fits-all RTUs don't scale to the needs of large or small sites, leaving you with the options of paying for more alarm capacity than you need, installing insufficient alarm capacity or buying multiple units to cover one site..


The NetGuardian 832A, NetGuardian 216 and NetGuardian 480 provide SNMP RTU capabilities, scaled to the needs of small, medium and large sites.

NG 832A

The NetGuardian 832A provides 32 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, 8 analog alarms, 8 control relays, and 8 serial reach-through ports. A powerful all-purpose RTU, the NetGuardian 832A has all the tools you need to manage your remote site. For extra-large alarm capacity, the NetGuardian 832A can be augmented with 1-3 NetGuardian Expansion units, which raise the NetGuardian's alarm capacity to 80, 128 or 176 discrete alarm points.

NG 216

The NetGuardian 216 provides 16 discrete alarms, 2 analog alarms, 2 controls, and 1 serial reachthrough port. The NetGuardian 216 provides cost-effective alarm monitoring for small sites such as remote huts, collocation racks or enclosed cabinets. With the NetGuardian 216, you can afford to deploy alarm monitoring at every site in your network.

NG 480

The NetGuardian 480 provides 80 discrete alarms and 4 controls. The NetGuardian 480 offers enough alarm capacity to cover an entire site, saving you the cost of buying multiple units and giving you the most economical cost per alarm point.

The low-cost, easy-to-implement solution to monitoring your entire site with just one unit - for SNMP or TL1.

The NetGuardian 480 (NG 480) is a specialized member of the NetGuardian family, optimized for use as a high-capacity discrete-only responder. The result is a highly cost-effective solution for gathering the diverse equipment at your remote site and integrating it into a single modern network management system.

With 80 discrete alarm inputs - 2½ times as many as the NetGuardian 832A- you can easily forward all the alarms of a small to medium-sized site. This dense alarm coverage gives you the convenience of a single-box solution, saves you the cost of buying multiple low-capacity RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units), and offers you the lowest possible cost per point.

80 discrete inputs - cover your entire site with a single unit.

• Convenient single-box solution saves costs of buying multiple units - economical cost per point.

• Reports to multiple SNMP managers, TL1 manager, or T/Mon LNX.

• TL1 over TCP/IP.

Four control relays for controlling site equipment and security devices.

• Configurable alarm descriptions include detailed, actionable alarm data in SNMP traps or TL1 autonomous |messages.

• Free Windows 2000/XP software for editing TL1 database, configuration, monitoring, diagnostics, and testing.

• Standard dual -48 VDC power inputs for redundant power facilities.

• Free lifetime firmware upgrades.

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