New RTU: Wireless GSM/CDMA & SNMP Trap Processor

Do you have remote sites without LAN, or where you'd like to use GSM or CDMA wireless as a backup reporting path? This wireless-capable RTU supports both wired LAN and wireless GSM/CDMA reporting, plus powerful functions like local SNMP trap processing.

CellVoice 16

The New CellVoice 16 RTU.
The CellVoice 16 gives you all the features of an advanced RTU - plus the ability to send wireless alerts directly to your cellular phone and SNMP traps directly to your SNMP master station.

In addition to monitoring sensors and alarms, the CellVoice 16 can receive SNMP traps and alert you or automatically operate control relays (to remotely control your site's equipment). 64 "internal alarms" can be assigned to single SNMP traps, which in turn will trigger alert alerts or automatically operate equipment using the CellVoice 16's control relays (up to 18 of them).

Wirelessly Monitor Your Network Infrastructure.
With an internal CDMA/GSM modem (compatible with carriers like Sprint, Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and others) the Telco-grade CellVoice 16 wirelessly reports alarms to cellular devices, allowing you to create an alternate alarming path where LAN connection simply isn't available.

With custom voice alerts, SMS messaging, and email alerts, the CellVoice 16 is a wireless triple threat that is capable of keeping you informed no matter how complex or remote your network situation. Using the device's DTMF call-in feature, you can even call the CellVoice and request a verbal report of your site's status (voice plan required). With a LAN connection, you can also use the built-in web interface for configuration, monitoring, and control relay commands.

Save Money and Avoid Paying for Expensive Data Plans.
As you know, third-party carriers charge a lot of money for data plans. With its CDMA or GSM modem, the CellVoice 16 can wirelessly send SMS messages directly to your cell phone or email using industry-standard SMS-to-Email capabilities. Save yourself setup time and avoid paying for unnecessary data plans. SMS messages can also be used to deliver alarms to a T/Mon master station.

Centralize Your Logins with RADIUS Configuration.
CellVoice comes with RADIUS tech (not required) that allows you to manage a virtually-limitless number of gear logins from a central server. By consolidating all of your gear authentication info into a single location, RADIUS provides added security and saves users a lot of administrative time and effort. If RADIUS administration isn't required, the CellVoice 16 supports user profiles locally with a standard login through the online web interface.

CellVoice 16
The CellVoice 16 back panel contains two power inputs, a 3/4 AMP GMT fuse, a wireless antenna, 16 discrete alarms, 6 analogs, 2/18 controls, 6 LEDs, and a 10/100 BaseT LAN port

Key CellVoice 16 Features.
The CellVoice 16 is more than just a convenient RTU with wireless alarm support. The CellVoice 16 is an very powerful RTU that is packed full of advanced features.

Even with an advanced RTU, unknown problems such as LAN failures or network outages can reek havoc on your alarm monitoring. Costly data plans can make it difficult to afford expensive wireless coverage. What would be the consequence if you were unable to stay informed on the status of your network? The CellVoice 16 provides a powerful solution for both wired and wireless connection. Learn More About the CellVoice 16 RTU To learn more...

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

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