SNMP Agent for T/Mon Master Stations

SNMP Agent Features

Summary of Features

DPS now brings Telemetry Monitoring Systems and the World of Management Information Services together with its new SNMP Agent for T/MonXM WorkStations and Intelligent Alarm Mediators (IAMs).

Alarm Mediation
With the SNMP Agent, T/MonXM can forward alarms from multiple sources, using multiple protocols, to an SNMP Manager. With the addition of the SNMP to the extensive roster of T/MonXM's protocol conversion capabilities (including TBOS, DCP, DCPF, Datalok, TL1 and others) T/Mon becomes a nearly universal mediation device for network management.

Route Alarms from any Source
Alarms can be directed to SNMP as direct displays or as derived alarms, allowing points from many different sources to be routed to an SNMP Manager.

Ethernet Link
The T/MonXM SNMP Agent transmits an SNMP packet over an Ethernet, SLIP or PPP link to an SNMP manager. Supports Get, Get Next, Trap and Set Messages.

Compact MIB
A compact SNMP Management Information Block (MIB) is created in the T/MonXM data base, providing one object I.D. per point and 10 indexed variables. This results in an efficient table presentation of reported alarms, enabling the manager to show T/MonXM alarms more quickly. Point Number, Site Name, Description, Severity, State, Date, Time and Auxiliary Description are all visible to the SNMP Manager.

T/MonXM Icon
At the manager, T/MonXM appears as an icon in the network display (varies with different manager software), which changes color to indicate a change of state in an alarm point. The operator then selects the appropriate window to identify the alarm. With the T/MonXM agent, alarm identification is quickly made by selecting one logically organized table.

Optional Module
The SNMP Agent is an optional hardware/software package combination for T/MonXM. An Ethernet card is installed in the T/MonXM workstation or IAM when this option is purchased.

The Agent with a Future
As with all DPS products, the SNMP Agent will continue to be expanded in both capacity and features, according to customer needs.

Learn more about SNMP from our SNMP Knowledge Base

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