Section 4: T/Mon NOC - An Integrated SCADA Monitoring and Control Solution

My company, DPS Telecom, manufactures T/Mon NOC, a master unit that serves as the core of an integrated SCADA system for all your equipment.

T/Mon NOC can meet all the criteria I've listed for a superior SCADA master … and can do a whole lot more.

What Can T/Mon NOC Do for You?

• T/Mon NOC provides a single, one-screen view of all your monitored equipment. T/Mon NOC will tell you 100% for certain whether anything has gone wrong with any of your monitored equipment, so you can be absolutely sure there are no secret problems anywhere in your system.

• T/Mon NOC can monitor up to 1 million alarm points, giving you ample capacity to monitor everything in your facilities.

• T/Mon NOC presents information in simple, plain English, including detailed text messages telling system operators exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

• T/Mon NOC's Derived Alarms and Derived Controls let you automate every aspect of your systems using simple Boolean logic.

• You can filter alarms for the needs of different users. You can select which alarms are immediately forwarded to technicians via pager and email, which alarms can be viewed locally on the T/Mon NOC console, and which alarms are just logged to a history file for recording and later analysis.

• At every level of your organization, people can see the information they want without being bombarded with nuisance alarms.

Actually, this list just scratches the surface of T/Mon NOC's capabilities. For more information about what T/Mon NOC can do for you, see the T/Mon NOC Product Data Sheet on page 16.