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DPS Telecom Releases New SCADA Sensor Tutorial White Paper

FRESNO, Calif., Feb. 3, 2009 - DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions and publisher of the intensely popular SNMP Tutorial, announced today the release of their new SCADA Sensor Tutorial white paper. In this new white paper, you'll discover how to incorporate environmental sensors into your core SCADA gear.

There is a huge variety of SCADA sensors available from many different manufacturers. You have to know which ones are effective for monitoring your operations.

With this new sensor guide, you can eliminate days of wasted time spent ordering, waiting for, and testing sensors. You'll discover the tools you need that will slash your windshield time, improve your operations, and use sensors to squeeze more power from your SCADA system.

You can use many different sensors in your SCADA system to monitor critical values. You can use them to squeeze more visibility out of your SCADA system, giving you clear, easy-to-understand information and more control over your network.

To help you make confident decisions, the SCADA Sensor Tutorial provides a list of the Top 10 SCADA sensors available. It also explains the benefits of using each of these sensor types. To make getting the right sensors easier, you'll also receive a list of selected non-proprietary SCADA sensors available from DPS Telecom.

"For our clients and other professionals, we wanted to provide SCADA information that's instantly useful, not loose or theoretical," said DPS President Eric Storm.

In the SCADA Sensor Tutorial, this type of actionable information includes a method for reducing the amount of time you have to spend in front of a master terminal. With the right automated monitoring system, you'll be able to shift your labor resources to other important areas. You'll also learn how to cut driving time and fuel expense by remotely controlling equipment at your remote sites with control relays.

The tutorial also provides a technical comparison of discrete and analog sensor inputs. You'll learn how analog alarms will give you real-world accuracy for sensitive values like humidity and temperature. You'll also see how to establish analog sensor thresholds and receive alarms when they're crossed, which allows you to quickly react to changing conditions.

You also learn how full-featured RTUs deliver more value than simple PLCs: an all-inclusive SCADA sensor platform can handle all of your sensors and make managing your site easier.

"We want people in this industry to understand their options and make smart decisions," said Storm. "We have deployments on all 7 continents and in thousands of networks monitored via SNMP and many other protocols, and this new white paper captures our expertise in the deceptively complicated field of environmental sensors."

To download your free copy of the SCADA Sensor Tutorial, visit http://www.dpstele.com/scada_sensor_wp .

About DPS Telecom:

DPS Telecom is a leading manufacturer of remote monitoring equipment. The company publishes a wealth of free technical and cost-reduction information on its website at http://www.dpstele.com .


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