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Introducing the SCADA Guardian 848

DPS Telecom announces the SCADA-Guardian 848, a high-analog-density RTU that reports via DNP3 or SNMP (build option).

A SCADA environment relies heavily on accurate information on a wide range of variables to ensure that each part of a controlled process happens when it should and to the right degree.

The SCADA Guardian 848, the latest remote telemetry unit (RTU) from DPS Telecom is designed specifically to make sure your SCADA operation gets the necessary information to keep things running smoothly.

This new RTU is densely packed, capable of monitoring 24 external analog sensors, so you can monitor temperature, flow, pressure, and any other number of variables to keep your SCADA controlled environment running smoothly. Of the analog inputs, 16 are based on DPS Telecom's convenient "D-Wire" technology, in which the sensor's power and monitoring data are both carried through the same cable. The D-Wire inputs allow you to chain sensors together, and extend a sensor up to 600 feet from the SCADA Guardian, allowing you to monitor variables in multiple areas of your SCADA environment without installing new RTUs every few feet.

For integration into your particular SCADA platform, you can order your SCADA Guardian 848 with either DNP3 or SNMP reporting options. Being able to choose between protocols means you won't have to use a mediation device to integrate the RTU you want into the SCADA system you have.

In addition to its many analog inputs, the SCADA Guardian 848 also monitors 8 discrete contacts, providing visibility for your equipment in addition to the process environment. It also has 4 control relays, allowing you to remotely control equipment as necessary.

The unit is also built with a serial port, enabling reach-through access over LAN to your serial only equipment. This way you don't have to install a separate switch, or, worse, make a trip out to your remote site to access your serial equipment.

With the SCADA Guardian 848, you'll greatly increase analog visibility in your SCADA network. For more information about the SCADA Guardian 848, contact DPS Sales at 1-800-693-0351, send email to sales@dpstele.com, or ask Mac Smith below.

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