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New VHF/UHF Wireless RTUs: NetGuardian RTUs Now Offer Support for Alarm Reporting Using VHF/UHF

If you manage remote sites, you know how important it is to always have situational awareness. Even if LAN fails (or you don't have LAN available at a site), you must continue to receive alarm notifications.

While there are several options for wireless alarm reporting (cellular, 900Mhz, etc), the bottom line is you need is a private reporting path that can travel long-distance and doesn't involve third-party providers. Long-range VHF/UHF alarm reporting provides a robust alternative to other wireless reporting methods. You'll get all the same advantages of wireless/cellular data transmission, without the headaches and fees of working with a 3rd party.

Top 4 Advantages of VHF/UHF Alarm Reporting:

  1. You can add coverage in remote locations.
  2. You have full control over the transport's uptime.
  3. You won't pay any monthly fees.
  4. You won't be affected by cellular outages during natural disasters or terrorist events.

DPS RTUs are now available with support for VHF/UHF wireless alarm reporting. One base station can serve many RTUs, and two different options are available:

  • Long-Range = 50-mile range (7850 sq. mi.)
  • Standard = 5-mile range (78.5 sq. mi.)

This is an excellent solution if you're a telco, or particularly if you're a power utility with a dense arrangement of substations. It may also be helpful if you work for a railway, public safety, or government/military organization.

VHF/UHF support is available on a variety of RTU platforms. Use the form below (or call 1-800-693-0351, or email sales@dpstele.com) to tell DPS exactly which RTU capacity you need and how many base stations you'll need to cover your geographic area.

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