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New Application: Receive Voice Alerts Over IP with New NetGuardian Remotes...

Are your technicians missing alarms because of inadequate notifications? Do you want more versatile and detailed notifications so your team spends less time huddled around a console and more time resolving problems?

Do you have a VoIP phone system and want your technicians to hear critical messages on their individual phones?

Now, instead of letting alarms slip through the cracks, you can use new DPS technology that allows you to utilize voice over IP (VoIP) technology to send voice notifications directly to any VoIP-enabled phone.

New RTUs Deliver Voice Alerts Straight to Your Phone
Two new RTUs from DPS Telecom are able to deliver detailed alarm notifications straight to your phone. The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 and NetGuardian LT G2 use Alarm Shout technology to send voice alerts over IP (instead of over traditional POTS) to keep your technicians up-to-speed with fast and detailed voice notifications.

Voice over IP App Dwg
The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 and LT G2 can both send alarm notifications over LAN to VoIP-enabled phones

With these two RTUs, whenever an alarm occurs you'll receive a custom voice notification straight to your phone (complete with alarm description, site name, and point information) in a crystal clear voice. By transporting voice notifications over IP, you'll also have a voice alert system that's easy to integrate with your office's modern VoIP system.

Just Right Capacity for Small and Medium Sites
The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 and LT G2 feature the right capacity to monitor your medium and small sites. Both of these devices features discrete contact closures, control relays, and analog inputs for complete alarm coverage.

NG Voice 16 NG LT G2
Discretes: 16 4
Analogs: 6 2
Controls: 2 or 18 0-1
Transport: 10/100 LAN 10/100 LAN
Notifications: Voice, Email, Text Msg, SNMP, VoIP Voice, Email, Text Msg, SNMP, VoIP
Protocols: G.711 and SIP 2.0 G.711 and SIP 2.0

Other benefits of these two devices include...

  • Alarm escalation and priority settings so the right people get the most critical alerts
  • Notification schedules so you choose the exact day and time to receive alarms
  • DTMF voice controls allow you to acknowledge alarms anywhere, right from your phone
  • D-Wire sensor network allows for convenient setup and monitoring of analog conditions
  • Web interface that's secure (HTTPS/SSL encryption) and user-friendly

Learn More About Voice Notifications
To learn more about voice notifications (over IP or POTS)...

  • Call 1-800-622-3314
  • Email sales@dpstele.com
  • Submit a fast information request to Mac Smith using the form below

To receive a price quote or ROI analysis...

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