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ROI in One Year: Upgrade from Leased 4-Wire Circuits to Embedded MPLS/LAN, add Remote Monitoring

Are you trying to get rid of your expensive 4-wire circuits (that cost you over $400 per month) for your own faster LAN infrastructure? There are lots of reasons to upgrade your network, not the least of which is eliminating the cost of these expensive leased lines.

Leasing 4-wire circuits is a costly endeavor - which slowly bleeds cash out of your O&M budget each month. You can roll out your own infrastructure, which saves you tons of money in the long-term and provide you better LAN coverage across your network.

remote network monitoring support while you upgrade to LAN
Adding remote network monitoring will give you visibility over more critical conditions and help you prevent wasteful truck rolls.

Network Monitoring Supports Your Cost Saving Efforts
Now, you'll have better visibility and access to devices that were already on site, but whose connectivity could not be previously justified - either direclty through LAN or via serial Telnet or NetGuardian contact closures. This means facility monitoring can now take a more prominent role as you will also be able to add various sensors, such as intrusion, high temp, water on floor, fuel, commercial power, etc.

In order to properly deploy MPLS, chances are you had to upgrade your power, cooling and other office infrastructure. This equipment in turn has to be monitored to ensure proper operation of the enterprise. Once again, the NetGuardian is perfectly suited to help facilitate this type of monitoring.

Pay for Your Monitoring RTU by Your 4th Truck Roll
By adding monitoring support to your network, you'll be protecting this new infrastructure that's saving you money. Since this new LAN infrastructure is going to be saving you lots of cash - shouldn't you be monitoring it to protect your savings?

Industry examples of remote monitoring applications
You can see ROI fast with network monitoring equipment - no matter which industry you're in.

You can also leverage this opportunity to monitor other devices at your sites and add remote control capacity to your network. Your DPS monitoring devices will feature control relays - which give you the power to remotely control equipment that's operated by a button or a switch.

What does this remote control mean? It means you'll cut back on truck rolls and expensive windshield time. Instead of jumping in a truck and driving to power cycle some jammed gear, you can reboot your equipment from any web browser. One DPS client paid for their RTU by their 4th truck roll.

So, how does the NetGuardian come into play when upgrading your network from leased 4-wire to MPLS/LAN?
Having the right RTU can support your upgrading efforts. Your new infrastructure is going to be saving you a ton of money and giving you superior visibility throughout your network - which creates a greater responsibility to ensure your network gear is online.

By monitoring your network gear with a NetGuardian RTU, you can improve the reliability of your network and the service you're providing. Instead of a problem with your equipment crippling your entire network until someone notices, you'll now instantly know - so you can respond quickly and fix the problem.

netguardian 420 remote terminal unit
The back panel of the NetGuardian 420 - a popular choice for remote monitoring and control.

Upgrading from leased 4-wire circuits means you can get rid of costly monthly payments. You'll also now enjoy LAN coverage to all of your equipment, which means you now have the capacity to remotely monitor and control your devices to a much greater degree. This leads to quick ROI, because you're protecting your new cost-saving MPLS/LAN infrastructure and gaining the ability to prevent wasteful truck rolls - a win-win.

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