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"The Top 8 RTU Functions People Don't Know About..."

Top 8 RTU Functions
Find Out What The Top 8
Functions Are...

Buying something and never using it doesn't make much sense, does it? But RTU owners around the world do it every day. They let advanced features go to waste, mostly because they don't understand the benefit or don't even know they exist.

You can do better when you read this list of the Top 8 RTU functions people don't know about...

  1. Alternate Path Reporting
    The best remotes can have serial or dial-up connections for backup alarm reporting, but most people only use the LAN connection. That's a huge oversight during your next LAN failure. You'll have zero alarm visibility, all because you ignored the built-in backup reporting paths.
  2. Dual A-B Power Feeds
    A lot of remotes have dual power feeds so they can still get power if one feed fails. But if you don't hook up both, you're not getting maximum protection. Better yet, if they monitor these feeds, you'll have access to some important data.
  3. Dual NICs
    Having two LAN cards on a single RTU is a great benefit. You can access the remote from two different networks, and security between networks is maintained. Sometimes, these networks are for path diversity; other times for isolation. But if you only use one, you won't have either benefit.
  4. Terminal Server
    RTUs with integrated terminal servers are rare, and maybe that's why people don't use them effectively when they have one. A lot of people buy NetGuardian remotes and don't hook up all their serial devices to it's terminal server. The NetGuardian 832A supports up to eight serial devices, and it's a waste to leave ports empty when you have serial devices on site. Why buy another device for a function you already have? Plus, if you have a T/Mon master station, you can route serial data straight to ASCII text processor for conversion to a standard alarm.
  5. Alarm Qualification Times & Point Reversal
    There's nothing worse than getting flooded with unimportant nuisance alarms. They make it much harder to notice critical alarms when they come in. Alarm Qualification Times prevent alarms from being reported until they've been standing for a specified time. You won't be bothered every time a door opens or closes, but you'll get an alarm when it's been propped open for three minutes. Also, being able to distinguish between N/O and N/O contacts makes your alarm station intuitive.
  6. Test Sets
    Monitoring system turn up is much faster when you can perform quick alarm tests of your wiring, RTU, network, and alarm databases. A simple test box with switches, dials, and LEDs allows you to simulate discrete alarms and analog sensor readings, and also check control relays. Call your supplier to get one. If they don't offer test sets, call DPS Telecom at 1-800-693-0351.
  7. Alarm Database Backup and Restore
    What would happen if you lost your RTU alarm database? A lot of people find out the hard way because they don't conduct regular backups. With NetGuardians and the NGEdit Windows provisioning utility, you can back up your RTU alarm database with the click of a mouse. If the remote fails for any reason, you've got a backup copy that you can load onto a spare. Disasters can and do occur. Make sure your valuable data is protected.
  8. Free Firmware Updates
    DPS RTUs come with free lifetime firmware updates, but many users don't download and install new firmware versions. That a shame, because firmware updates add lots of new functionality at no extra cost. Go to MyDPS and download firmware updates for your NetGuardians - so you'll always have the latest and greatest features. Recently released NetGuardian features include SNPP paging and 64-point expansion chassis support.

Don't miss out on any of these advanced features any longer. They can be a big help in protecting your network and reducing your costs.