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The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 with RADIUS

Do you have a lot of telecom gear that utilizes user access systems? If so, then you know how stressful it can be to account for all of your different pieces of equipment' login information. Having an RTU with RADIUS compatibility provides an easy way to control and monitor extensive access to your critical network equipment.

Voice 16 G2 with RADIUS

DPS Telecom has recently announced the release of RADIUS authentication for the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2. The NetGuardian Voice 16 is now the latest alarm remote to receive the RADIUS security enhancement.

Using the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) protocol, the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 interacts with a centralized RADIUS server to monitor and control user access to your network devices.

RADIUS Authentication

RADIUS provides a central location from which you can manage logins to many different types of equipment. Every time someone attempts to log in to a device (usually with a username & password), the device will request authentication from the central RADIUS server. Using this security enhancement, updating numerous user-profiles and access permissions can all be done at once from a single location.

NetGuardian RTUs have a long history of requiring a username and password for remote access. RADIUS technology provides a more secure and easier means of authentication for government, military, or large private firms.

RADIUS Overview

"We saw that a lot of our clients using Voice RTUs had RADIUS servers already running in their networks," said DPS Engineering Director Mark Carberry. "We knew we had an opportunity to save them a lot of time and effort, so we engineered RADIUS into the NetGuardian Voice 16 RTU platform."

Video review of NetGuardian V16 G2

With the ability to pass NetGuardian login attempts to your RADIUS server, you gain several key security advantages:

  1. Virtually unlimited users
    With RADIUS, the number of user logins you can support is huge. It's almost inconceivable that you would ever run out.
  2. Centralized management
    You'll also be able to manage your logins from your central RADIUS server. You'll never have to worry about updating any single remote. If an employee leaves your company, you can revoke their access rights very easily.
  3. Integration with enterprise management
    When your alarm remotes use the same RADIUS authentication method as your other important gear, you significantly reduce the complexity of managing your equipment. It's always easier to manage a single umbrella than it is to keep track of several unrelated systems.
RADIUS Front Panel

RADIUS - in combination with the NetGuardian Voice 16 - gives you a centralized and secure voice alert system that works in tandem with your entire network. The Voice 16 RTU conveniently sends voice alerts straight to your phone, and/or SNMP traps to your SNMP manager or T/Mon master station. In addition, the Voice 16 is engineering to send customized email notifications for those moments when a voice alert isn't necessary - such as minor alarms or after-hours monitoring. And with the DTMF feature, you can even dial in to your NetGuardian and request instant verbal reports from anywhere at anytime.

To see the full benefits and specifications of the Voice 16, visit the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 Overview.

Quick Summary

  • Voice Phone Call Alerts, SNMP Traps, and Email Notifications
  • 16 D-Wire Sensors with History Logging
  • 32 Ping Targets - to notify you when critical equipment goes offline
  • 16 Discrete Alarms - to monitor a wide variety of digital inputs
  • 6 Analogs (4 General Purpose and 2 Battery Monitoring)
  • 2 or 18 Form C Relays (Build Option)
  • 33.6k Modem
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • Cellular Option (GSM or CDMA)
  • HTTPS Convenient and Secure Web Interface
  • Dual -48VDC Power Supplies
  • Free LIFETIME Firmware Upgrades

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

About DPS Telecom

DPS Telecom is an industry-leading manufacturer of equipment status monitoring solutions. DPS clients include RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, gas an electric utilities, heavy and light rail transit, government agencies, and manufacturers.

In addition to manufacturing off-the-shelf products, DPS has developed a reputation for providing perfect-fit customization to meet unique client needs. Because the company is vertically integrated, custom products are delivered on short timetables that are virtually unheard of in the telecommunications industry.

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