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Video: Trap 64 RTU Processes SNMP Traps and Automatically Latches Relays

Got a question after watching? Want more Trap Relay 64 information? Send us a quick online message below or visit the Trap Relay 64 product page to view full specifications.


Greetings, this is Andrew for DPS TV. Today, we're going to be looking at a new RTU from DPS Telecom that receives SNMP traps and automatically latches corresponding control relays. You can think of this as a sort of "reverse mediation" device, collecting SNMP traps and converting them to more traditional contact closures that can be accepted by an older network monitoring system.

This device - called the Trap Relay 64 - has 64 control relays. Each of these relays is automatically activated when the Trap Relay 64 receives a specific, user-specified SNMP trap. Coming up next, we're going to look at the back panel of this new device, but if you want to talk to a DPS Sales Engineer about the Trap Relay 64 instead, call 1-800-693-0351.

So what's the real benefit of a device like this? The Trap Relay 64 allows you to bring SNMP gear under your existing monitoring umbrella where you couldn't before. Alternatively, you can manually control it via the web interface and simply take advantage of its 64 control relays. In either case, that means you no longer have to drive long distances just to perform simple tasks like rebooting or turning your equipment on/off. This will save you and your technicians time and money while also improving productivity.

Now let's take a look at the back panel of the Trap Relay 64. Starting on the top left, you have the grounding lug. Then on the bottom left, you have dual -48 VDC power feeds and dual 3/4 amp GMT fuses. Next to the fuse, you also have a 10BaseT LAN jack. Over just a bit you'll find all 64 control relays. Each of the 16 control relay connectors contains 4 control relays. The control relays can be terminated via 16 8-pin screw lug connectors or 4 50-pin Amphenol connectors.

Next, I'm going to show you the web interface of the Trap Relay 64, but if you'd rather talk to a DPS expert to learn about this device, feel free to call or email us anytime. The number is 1-800-693-0351 and the email is sales@dpstele.com.

The Trap Relay 64 also features an easy-to-use web interface - so you and your team can focus and important projects and not get bogged down in a needlessly complicated interface. You can access the Trap Relay 64's graphical interface from any web browser - meaning you'll be able to manage your network of alarms from any computer.

All DPS Telecom products come with first-class 7x24 tech support. If you're ever experiencing a technical problem with your DPS equipment, you can always call to get the emergency support you need.

You'll also get the durable, rugged design of the Trap Relay 64. It's built on industrial-grade hardware. The metal chassis houses the critical components and it's powder-coated for rust and scratch resistance.

If you have any questions you should call DPS at 1-800-693-0351 or email at sales@dpstele.com. You can also use the form below to submit an information request and receive a fast response.