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New RTU: The Remote Alarm Block 176 G2

Do you need to collect SNMP traps from your Main Distribution Frame, or simply just need to monitor a bunch of discrete points? Have you struggled to find a solution that isn't a massive headache to install, while still giving you adequate monitoring coverage?

Remote Alarm Block Application Drawing
The heavy duty Remote Alarm Block 176 provides key visibility over remote site conditions.

Ordinarily, a project like this means you're looking at hours of work and a hefty price in technicians' time and overtime pay. Time that could be much better spent on other mission-critical projects.

New RTU with a Large Alarm Capacity and a Small Size
The new SNMPv3 Remote Alarm Block 176 (RAB 176) G2 gives you a total of 176 discrete points, meaning you can bring more gear under your SNMP monitoring umbrella. The unit's small form factor (4"H x 8"W x 5"D) means the device will easily fit at your locations where rack space is a premium.

Remote Alarm Block G2
The Remote Alarm Block 176 G2 gives you 176 wire wrap connections for easy turn up at your high-volume sites.

Network connectivity adds several new advantages to this powerful remote unit:

  • You can deploy the RAB 176 G2 anywhere a LAN/WAN connection is available, eliminating the need for dedicated circuits.
  • You can mediate discretes to SNMP Traps without the time, trouble, and expense of deploying a separate terminal block and RTU.
  • Versatile multiprotocol support lets you connect the unit directly to your existing SNMP manager or T/Mon master station.
  • Dual power inputs give you superior reliability - giving you visibility even if one power source goes down.

Smooth Migration to LAN
And because the RAB 176 G2 also supports an RS232 serial port, you get a reach-through terminal server and DCP polling capabilities.. You can deploy the RAB at sites without a LAN connection now, and when LAN access is added to the site, the unit can be switched to LAN transport with a simple change in provisioning. And you won't have to disconnect any of your alarms.

Removable Smart Brain Card
The smart brain card inside the RAB 176 G2 can easily be removed from the unit. This means you can easily replace the card (in the unlikely event of a malfunction) without having to re-terminate 176 alarms.

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