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NetMediator TNT G5

NetMediator TNT G5
The NetMediator TNT: TBOS-to-SNMP mediation for up to 8 TBOS devices, plus terminal server functionality, 32 discrete alarms, 8 analog alarms, and 8 controls.

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The NetMediator TNT is a powerful, compact LAN-based alarm collector that provides network managers with remote visibility of their IPelements. With 32 ping alarms, 32 discrete alarms, 8 analog inputs, and 8 controls, this versatile unit is the ideal network monitoring solution.

  • 2 TBOS/TABS Ports.
  • Compatible with T/MonXM for environmental and ASCII monitoring.
  • Web Browser access.
  • Reports alarms directly to multiple SNMP Managers.
  • Includes windows based configuration utility to map TBOS devices.
  • 6 port terminal server with dial-up backup.
  • 6 notification methods including SNMP Traps, E-mail, and paging.
  • 32 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, 8 controls, 8 analog values, 6 serial ports (expandable to 176 alarm points).
  • LAN-based firmware downloads.
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades.
  • Free Windows utility for off-site editing and storage.
  • Dual power feeds.
NetMediator Alarm Callouts


TNT G5 Web Interface

The NetMediator offers a Web Browser interface for easy and convenient alarm management. You can also use it for unit configuration via Internet or Intranet. The userpfriendly interface allows complete access to all the functions of the unit. It enables the user to quickly set up alarm point descriptions, view alarm status, issue controls, and configure paging information. It also has a variety of other configurable settings for unusual scenarios.

TNT G5 Web Interface