NetMediator T2S: Bring Your TBOS Alarms Directly To Your SNMP Master

Ordering Option #1: Standard Smart Fuse Panel AB6.

Standard Remote Power Switch (Smart Fuse Panel) AB6
The standard Smart Fuse Panel AB6 Option combines the functionality of a traditional fuse alarm distribution panel and a power distribution unit (PDU) into one convenient box.

Ordering Option #2: Smart Fuse Panel AB6 with Integrated Monitoring/RTU functionality.

Alarming Option Remote Power Switch (Smart Fuse Panel) AB6
The Optional Alarming Smart Fuse Panel AB6 provides all the functionality of the standard Smart Fuse Panel AB6 with an integrated RTU that gives you additional environmental monitoring.

The Alarming Options features:

  • Discrete alarm inputs: 16.
  • Control Relay Outputs: 2.
  • Analog inputs: 4.
  • Either + or - VDC environments.

Ordering Option #3: With D-Wire Option.

Smart Fuse Panel with D-wire
Features D-Wire input.

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