Overview: NetGuardian Voice 16 G2

NetGuardian Voice 16 G2
The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 is an effective way of monitoring medium sites with up to 16 discrete alarms and an integrated analog temperature sensor. You will receive alarms via voice dial-out and/or SNMP.

The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 brings convenient voice dial-out alerts to your medium-sized sites. You'll also have support for 16 D-Wire sensors - which give you excellent analog monitoring capacity for environmental conditions.

When you select the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2, your remotes will be based on the time-tested NetGuardian design used in other models. This is telco-grade equipment housed in a durable aluminum case.

When alarms occur at your site, voice alerts will be sent straight to your phone, and/or SNMP traps will be sent to your SNMP manager or T/Mon master station. You can also dial in and request a verbal report using the DTMF call-in feature. The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 can also send email notifications to on-call technicians (great for after hours monitoring), and it has indicator LEDs that display local summary status.

Here's what the new NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 can do for you:
  • Flexible Design - Perfect for medium sites
  • Voice phone call alerts
  • SNMP and e-mail notifications
  • Convenient secure web browser configuration and monitoring
  • 16 Discrete Alarms - Monitor a wide variety of digital inputs
  • 6 Analogs (4 general purpose, 2 battery monitoring
  • 2 or 18 Form C relays (depending on your build option)
  • 16 D-Wire sensors (1 reserved for internal temperature) with history logging
  • 32 Ping Targets
  • Available with 4-port 10/100BaseT Ethernet switch
  • Supports RADIUS Authentication
Listen to a sample voice notification from the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2:
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Secondary Echo Mode:

Utilizing echo technology, the NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 can create visibility at previously unmonitored sites. The Voice 16 is a specialized RTU that can utilize a dedicated "echo" application to communicate directly with a second Voice 16 G2. The relays on the 2nd NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 operate when the 1st NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 detects an alarm or vice versa. This allows for extended alarm monitoring from a base RTU without the cost of laying copper.

NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 Echo Mode

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