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NetGuardian G5 16S: Get Superior Reach-Through Capacity

Have you always wanted an RTU that had all of the alarm monitoring capacity you need with additional reach-through capacity for better levels of control over your remote devices?

You need an RTU that can provide you with extra serial server ports, so you're able to connect and reach-through to all of your devices at your distant remote sites. A solution like this could really save you money - you'll no longer have to drive all the way to your remote sites just to plug in your laptop and configure a few settings.

NetGuardian G5 16S front panel
The NetGuardian G5 16S build provides you with all of the core monitoring you need plus additional serial server ports for extra reach-through capacity.
Visit the G5 16S product page...

Introducing the NetGuardian G5 16S
This powerful device has the proven hardware and software of the NetGuardian 832A G5, with additional serial server capacity. The NetGuardian G5 16S is a multifunction, high capacity, LAN-based RTU that performs all traditional RTU functions - with added serial server support.

This device also features 8 control relays - giving you even more remote control over your external devices. You can use the 8 control relays to control any device that is normally operated by a button or switch and your 16 serial server ports allow you to configure or control the devices at your distant sites.

With all this reach-through capacity you'll have expanded control over your gear and you'll save tons each year in wasteful windshield time. No more costly truck rolls just to flip a switch or adjust settings - it can all be done without leaving your desk.

View G5 16S full specifications...

Manage your network with ease
The NetGuardian G5 16S uses the same easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface as the NetGuardian 832A G5 RTU. This interface allows you to edit, view, and manage all of your alarms - from the web browser of any computer on your network. This means you can monitor all of the critical alarms across your entire network without needing a master station.

NetGuardian G5 16S back panel
With 16 serial ports, integrated local audiovisual notification, two separate NICs, powerful alarm collection and versatile alarm reporting via SNMP Trap, email and pager, the NetGuardian 16S G5 can handle any alarm monitoring need.

With DPS Telecom's 30 day risk-free guarantee and world-class 24/7 tech support, the NetGuardian G5 16S is the perfect solution to handle your monitoring and remote control needs. You'll have all of the monitoring and control you need, backed by the best support you'll find in the industry.

Key NetGuardian G5 16S Features

  • 16 reach-through serial server ports with terminal server functionality for connecting concurrent users over LAN to telecom switches, servers, radios, PBXs, etc.
  • 32 discrete alarm inputs
  • 8 analog alarm inputs with four separate alarm thresholds (Major Over, Minor Over, Minor Under, and Major Under)
  • 8 control relays
  • 32 ping alarms
  • Integrated Building Status Unit for local alarm visibility
  • Built-in Web Interface
  • Dual NIC for multiple network support
  • 24/7 email and pager notifications
  • Alarm reporting to any SNMP manager or T/Mon LNX
  • Backup dial-up reporting path
  • Dual -48 VDC power inputs
  • Free lifetime firmware updates, installed via LAN or serial connection
  • 24/7 tech support
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
Visit the G5 16S product page...