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Disasters happen when you're not looking. Here's how to always keep watch

A disaster is something that happens when you're not looking . Problems that you can see and fix are just incidents. Any site that has less than complete network visibility is a place where small problems can grow into large ones.

Net Dog
This Dog barks SNMP: The Net Dog is easy to setup with built-in screw lug terminals and is smart enough to send and receive SNMP commands.

Since all your equipment is critical equipment, DPS Telecom provides a network visibility solution for all sites, large and small. The Net Dog 82 IP is a great solution for small and medium sites, remote sites, sites with limited space for extra equipment, or any place where you need simple, convenient, cost-effective network visibility.

With the Net Dog on the job, you can be sure that if anything goes wrong, you'll know about it. The Net Dog pings up to 32 network devices and monitors eight environmental alarms for fire, power failure, equipment malfunction, and other conditions.

If a network device does not respond to successive pings or an environmental alarm is triggered, the Net Dog will report it immediately by numeric or alphanumeric page, text message, and SNMP trap. The Net Dog provides full SNMP support, and will perform flawlessly as a trap reporter or control element for an SNMP manager. The Net Dog also seamlessly integrates with DPS Telecom element managers such as T/MonXM and IAM. In the event of a LAN outage, an integrated 33.6 K modem is provided for backup. Status LEDs on the front panel give assurance at a glance that all is well.

Net Dog Application
Applications limited only by your imagination: The Net Dog can be used in many applications, such as the one pictured above. Here at DPS we placed the Net Dog inline with our PBX unit where data is streamed to the Net Dog"s port. We then created a Perl script that connects to the port and dumps the call log data into a MySQL database which can be viewed by a web browser.

The Net Dog doesn't just tell you about problems; it also gives you the means to deal with them immediately. The two control relays provide remote operation of onsite equipment such as doors locks, emergency lighting, backup generators, or other equipment, and can be accessed remotely via Telnet over LAN/WAN or via SNMP. The Net Dog also provides remote monitoring and configuration of onsite ASCII devices attached to its reach-through serial port.

Alarm information and controls can be accessed through SNMP, T/MonXM, IAM, web browser, or Telnet.

Installation and configuration is simple and easy. Alarms and relay wiring connect to captive screw-lug terminals on the front panel. Configuration information can be entered through either a web browser or a TTY interface. Configuration information is stored in the Net Dog's nonvolatile RAM, where it is safe even during power outages.

Problems can't grow into disasters when someone is watching. With the Net Dog, someone always is.

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