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Deploy a NetDog 82IP G2 to Cost-Effectively Monitor Your Smaller Communications Sites

What excuses have you been making for leaving your smaller sites unmonitored? While you may think it's not cost-efficient to monitor your smaller communications sites, problems at these sites can cost you more than you think in lost revenues due to network downtime. The NetDog 82IP G2 allows you to monitor your smaller sites without busting your budget.

You Can Afford to Monitor Your Smaller Sites
But you can't afford to ignore them any longer. Advanced monitoring features found in the NetDog 82IP G2 will provide you the network visibility you absolutely need for your smaller sites, without paying for more capacity than you'll ever need from an RTU (Remote Terminal Unit).

NetDog Temp
The NetDog 82IP G2 has 2 analog inputs (optional), allowing you to monitor inputs such as temperature and voltage.

NetDog G2 Provides Exactly What You Need at Your Smaller Sites

The NetDog 82 IP G2 provides users with the following benefits:

  • 32 ping alarms: The NetDog G2 will regularly confirm that up to 32 of your LAN devices are online and have network connectivity, sending an alert if any of them go down.
  • 8 discrete alarms: Just the right capacity for your smaller sites.
  • 2 control relays: Allow you to activate generators, tower lights, and more - right from your central office.
  • 2 analog inputs (optional): Allow you to monitor continuous ranges of values, such as current humidity, battery levels, or fuel levels.
  • 2 temperature sensors- internal and external (optional): These dedicated analog sensors provide NetDog internal temperature, as well as any nearby temperature measured by an external probe.
  • Reach-through serial port: Enables you to remotely access legacy serial equipment over LAN or dial-up.
  • Web Browser interface: Provides convenient access to the NetDog through any web browser, giving you the option of monitoring without a master
  • SNMP reporting: Reports alarms to any SNMP manager
  • LAN & dialup modem: Allows you to connect via your choice of LAN or dial-up

With these features, operators can monitor tower lights, power failures, and more with discrete alarms, while simultaneously monitoring temperature and humidity via analogs, all within a single, cost-effective unit.

NetDog Application Diagram
The NetDog 82IP G2 can give you visibility of all your site equipment at an affordable cost per site.

The NetDog G2 Enhances Your Network Visibility with Several Key Benefits
With 32 ping alarms, NetDog G2 will identify disconnected network devices whenever a ping failure occurs. You will know about this problem immediately through the available notification methods, including pager and email alerts. With the analog channels and temperature sensors, NetDog G2 can monitor continuous variables, like humidity and raw voltage, letting technicians know about pending problems before outages occur.

The NetDog G2 offers a Web Browser interface for easy and convenient alarm management and device provisioning via LAN. The user-friendly interface allows complete access to all the functions of the unit and enables the user to quickly set up alarm point descriptions, view alarm status, issue controls, and configure paging information.

Alarm point grouping allows operators and technicians to view alarms in logical, user-defined groups. These labels can range from alarm severity levels, custom virtual alarms, flexible custom derived controls, and granular pager and email notification.

NetDog G2 Browser
The convenient NetDog browser makes it easy to view your standing alarms

Protect Your Monitoring Investment with the NEMA Enclosure
The NetDog G2 is packed within a N (NEMA) standard enclosure, ensuring that the highest level of environmental protection has been met. Secured within this packaging, you can be certain that no moisture, temperature issue, or even dust will have any adverse effects on your monitoring equipment. This packing also protects the AC power connection while providing battery backup inherently through the system design.

With the NetDog G2, You Can Monitor all of Your Smaller Sites at a Price that Fits in Your Budget
The NetDog G2 supports a number of protocols, including SNMP, DCP, TRIP, SMTP, and TAP. This allows the NetDog to go where you need it to, monitoring your network right over your existing LAN or dial-up network connection.

If you need visibility for your small communications sites, the NetDog 82 IP G2 is your cost-effective monitoring solution.

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