Remote Monitoring And Control Via T1 WAN

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A T1 SCADA solution transports Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition traffic via a T1 WAN. A key advantage of a T1 SCADA solution is the ability to monitor sites that are outside of your existing LAN. Additionally, you can bring Ethernet to other devices on site. And with a SCADA device that only requires 1 rack unit of space, you get all of the functionality you need without eating precious space in your enclosures.

The NetGuardian 216T by DPS Telecom provides remote access to serial equipment and LAN access to 7 network elements. This device allows you to monitor sites that normally would be inaccessible. Other solutions, such as a transport card and switch, are costly and require multiple devices. Additionally, these solutions do not allow you monitor other devices, such as generators. The NetGuardian 216T has the ability to do both functions, while also providing other features such as monitoring capabilities.

When it comes time to select a T1 RTU, be sure to choose one that also supports LAN. This provides two key benefits. First, you don't have to buy different remotes for different applications. Second, dynamic network growth is much smoother with the NetGuardian 216T. When your network expands, you can easily transition to full Ethernet without having to replace your alarm remote.


This diagram depicts the fundamental structure of a T1 WAN monitored with a T1 SCADA device.

Products Related to T1 SCADA:
NetGuardian 216T

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