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DPS Telecom Announces Release of Powerful Dual-Mode RTU

Fresno, Calif. -- DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that is has released a powerful new RTU, the NetGuardian E16.

The NetGuardian E16 provides cost-effective, dual-mode operation in a single unit. "Our goal was to port our older specialized applications to a contemporary DPS hardware design," said Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom. "We ended up creating an RTU that has the hardware & software assets to perform multiple roles for our client base."

Equipped with 16 discrete alarm inputs and 16 control relays, the NetGuardian E16 provides very high control capacity in a single rack unit. The unit also features three options for connectivity, including LAN, serial, or dial-up. "These features allow the NetGuardian to operate in two modes, either as part of an 'echo' application or as a stand-alone RTU," said DPS Engineering Director Mark Carberry.

The echo mode allows the alarm points at one 16E site be transported and converted to relay closures at another site, on a point-by-point basis. For example, if points 2, 7 and 14 are in alarm at the near-end site, relays 2, 7 and 14 will be failed at the far end. The connectivity between the two sites can be LAN, serial, or dialup. Applications for this echo mode include eliminating copper bulk (as 32 wires can be replaced with as little as two), extending (or bringing) alarm points to existing collection points, and extending alarms to visual display panels at distant locations.

The E16 will be of special interest to users of DPS Telecom's DPM & DCM product lines. The E16 provides single-rack-unit mounting, saving space as well as providing 16-alarm echo in each direction. The LAN capability of the E16 provides convenient transport not available in the DPM/DCM, which greatly simplifies installation requirements.

Stand-alone mode is a second, more traditional configuration that administrators can choose when deploying their NetGuardian E16. "With its 16 control relays and 16 discrete alarm inputs, the NetGuardian is an excellent choice for sites that require a larger complement of control relay closure outputs, but not a lot of alarm points," said Storm.

The E16 can report alarms over LAN as SNMP traps. Stand-alone mode also provides for communication at sites where LAN is unavailable using serial or dial-up. Additionally, users have the option of simply referring to the front-panel LEDs to have immediate local visibility of alarm state and network status.

The NetGuardian E16 will provide users visibility of their remote sites. The E16 includes free lifetime firmware upgrades available at the DPS website to ensure that clients' RTUs will always be operating the most advanced programs. Backed by DPS quality and technical support, network operators can be confident that their NetGuardian E16 will provide them with the visibility they need to protect their network reliability.

For more information about the versatile NetGuardian E16, visit www.DpsTelecom.com/netguardian-e16 .

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