NEMA Enclosure Ratings

The following is a list of the current NEMA ratings and definitions

  • Type 1 - Indoors - Protects personnel against hazardous parts. Protects equipment from dust, light, indirect splashing. (not dust-tight)
  • Type 2 - Indoors (condensation) - Similar to Type 1 but with the addition of drip-shields
  • Type 3, 3s, 3x - General Purpose (weather-resistant) - Protects against hazards like rain and falling water. 3x protects against corrosion as well.
  • Type 3r - Outdoor - Meets requirements for protecting against rod-entry, rain, external icing, and rust.
  • Type 4 and 4x - Watertight - Interior must remain dry during testing (water - 65GPM from 1" nozzle @ 10ft for 5 minutes) 4x is corrosion resistant.
  • Type 5 - Dust-tight - Excludes dust with the inclusion of gaskets or equivalent measures.
  • Type 6 and 6p - Submersible - Depends on specified conditions and time. Submersible in oil or water.
  • Type 7 - Hazardous - Indoor settings under Class I, Groups A, B, C, and D environments (NEC definitions).
  • Type 8 - Hazardous - Indoor or Outdoor settings that fall into Class I, Groups A, B, C, and D environments (NEC definitions)
  • Type 9 - Hazardous - Indoor and Outdoor use in Class II, Groups E, F, or G environments (NEC definitions)
  • Type 10 - Mines - Meets the requirements of the Mine Safety and Health Adminitration (MSHA) 30 CFR Part 18
  • Type 11 - Corrosives - Protects against the corrosion effects of liquids and gases. Meets drip and corrosion standards.
  • Type 12 and 12k - Indoor - Provides some protection against dust, falling dirt, and dripping liquids. Rust-resistant.
  • Type 13 - General Purpose - Protection against dust, sprayed water, and noncorrosive coolants. Meets Oil exclusion and rust standards

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