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New: Complete NEMA 4X Cases Filled with the Gear You Specify

Do you work on projects that require NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosures for all equipment? If you do, you know that deploying even a small piece of gear like an RTU can present a significant integration problem.

Suddenly you need (for example) a power supply, a heater (in cold climates), the RTU itself, and a NEMA case that will contain them all without wasted space. There are many other aspects to your project, and you need to save time wherever you can.

That's why DPS will take your exact specifications and deliver your ready-to-install enclosures, saving your team the time and money it would take to engineer, coordinate ordering logistics, and integrate the various equipment that you need. Our engineers excel at building client-requested features into our remote monitoring products. That makes adding a little bit of auxiliary equipment, a NEMA case, and integrating them with an RTU a project we can help you with.

NEMA 4X Enclosed Unit
DPS will listen to your requirements, then integrate an RTU (bottom-left) and any required support equipment into a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X case.

In the example shown, we've modified a NetGuardian 216 RTU with special screw-down alarm terminals that are easily accessible without removing it from the NEMA case. Along with the RTU, this case contains a power supply, a heater and circulation fan, and a backup battery. The NetGuardian 216 is wired to an external antenna and communicates using GSM or CDMA wireless transmission. The NEMA case itself carries a NEMA 4X rating (resistant to rain, sleet, snow, and corrosion).

NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 with RADIUS

This is merely an example, of course. DPS designed this complete enclosure based on requirements from one specific client. We'll do the same for you, eliminating a lot of your potential headaches.

Whether or not you need any of the specific equipment mentioned here (maybe you don't even need a NEMA case at all...), contact DPS and tell us your requirements. Our engineers are fast and we've got decades of integration experience.

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