Modular RTU

Have you ever wanted an RTU you could use across all your sites but that had customizable expandability and flexibility at each site? That's precisely why this product was designed: to offer you mix-and-match capability for optimum customization. With this RTU you're able to install whichever user-swappable cards you would like to create the exact functionality you want out of your RTU. How's that for a perfect fit solution?

NetGuardian M6
The NetGuardian M6/Modular RTU offers support for user-swappable cards to mix-and-match capabilities, alarm, and control capacity.

These expansion cards slide into the back of the chassis and are secured with a simple screw. Since the cards slide into connector slots with routing to the motherboard, you'll never have to internally wire-wrap cards during installs, upgrades, or maintenance. Just slide the card in, secure to the chassis, and you're ready to go.

NetGuardian M6 Optional Cards
The NetGuardian M6/Modular RTU offers support for user-swappable cards to mix-and-match capabilities, like the 420 Card, Analog Card, 10/100 Switch, Sensor Power Card, and many more.

Expansion card options include:

  • Motherboard card - This provides central processing for the RTU. The motherboard is field-upgradeable to give you maximum flexibility for future upgrades. Hardware acceleration allows the modular RTU to support both HTTPS/SSL (secure web acess) and SSH connections. The RTU's primary 10/100BaseT RJ45 LAN connector is located on the motherboard card.
  • Power input card - All RTU's must be deployed with at least one power card to increase reliability and match the power sources that are available at your sites. For example, you can power the RTU from both -48 VDC batteries (card is rated for -30 VDC to -60 VDC input) and commercial AC using a second power input card and +12V wall transformer. The battery return is isolated from chassis ground for isolated bonded networks (IBN).
  • 420 card - This card provies 20 discrete alarm inputs and 4 control relays, similar to the capacity of a NetGuardian 420 RTU.
  • Alarm card - Provides 24 discrete alarm inputs.
  • Relay card - Provides 16 dry-contact outputs (Form-C).
  • Analog card - Provides 16 additional analog inputs.
  • Sensor power output card - This card outputs both +12 VDC and +24 VDC to provide power to your external sensors. Voltage is referenced to chassis ground, not a floating reference.
  • 4-Port 10/100BaseT switch card - Connect up to 4 external LAN-based devices. This eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate switch, and it runs on the same protected power as your modular RTU.
  • Voice and data modem card - This card supports voice dial-out alerts to any phone, including escalation alerts to other staff if the alarm is not promptly acknowledged by the first recipient. You can also use it to establish a dial-up modem connection to a T/Mon central master station for alternate path (primary or back-up) alarm data reporting.
  • Wireless GSM/GPRS/CDMA card - This card reports SMS alerts directly to your cell phone or, when combined with an SMS receiver device, sends SNMP traps via SMS to your SNMP manager without requiring any firewall holes.
  • Serial port card - With this card, your modular RTU acts as a terminal server for up to 4 serial devices. This eliminates a lot of wasted driving time, as you can access your serial devices remotely via LAN. Can also be used to support legacy protocol applications like TBOS or TABS.
  • Entry control unit card - This card gives you RTU the ability to electronically control door access at the site with keypads and/or proximity card readers. Use up to 5 cards to control up to 5 doors.

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

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