MAS Subassemblies

Alarm Distribution Shelf (ADS)
Alarm Distribution Shelf: ADS monitors up to 256 ground closures and distributes alarms to up to 20 users. Two shelves can be cascaded together for high density applications.

The Modular Alarm System utilizes a unique Micro-LAN Channel for communications between modules both within and without the equipment shelf. The Micro-LAN channel uses only a single pair of wires for communications. Each MAS card hosts a communications subassembly that determines its electrical interface to the communications facility. One card in a shelf becomes a "Master," hosting an RS232, RS422/485 or modem subassembly. The other cards are "slaves," hosting a Shelf-Link Subassembly. The slaves communicate through the master via the Micro-LAN Channel.

202 Modem Subassembly (1200 baud)202 Modem Subassembly (1200 baud)
A communications subassembly for MAS modules that supports a 202T modem. Features include standard voice band operation and 1200 Baud data rate.

RS232 SubassemblyRS232 Subassembly
A subassembly for MAS modules that allows a whole shelf to communicate via a single RS232 connection, which in turns drives the Micro-LAN channel of the MAS shelf.

RS422/RS485 SubassemblyRS422/RS485 Subassembly
A subassembly for the MAS product line that allows the shelf to communicate via 4 wire RS422 or RS485. This interface accommodates transmission distances up to 4000 ft. Also can drive the Micro-LAN of the MAS shelf.

212 Modem Subassembly (1200 baud dialup)
A subassembly for MAS modules that allows the shelf to function as dialup remote. Features include "AT" command set and TRIP compatibility.

Shelf-Link Subassembly
A subassembly for MAS modules that must reside in each "slave" MAS card to connect it to the "master" MAS card via the Micro-LAN channel.

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