Micro-OTDR Ordering Options


Micro OTDR Fiber Fault Monitor ensures that you're instantly notified of faults in your fiber transports. This saves you operational expense dollars and helps you quickly get back online during outages (such as disaster-recovery situations).

OTDR Transceiver Options
iSFC GbE CWDM Trx, 1xx1 nm DFB, 20 dB, 40 Km, uOTDR, 55 dB Dynamic Range, SC/UPC.
iSFC GbE CWDM Trx, 1xx1 nm DFB, 20 dB, 40 Km, uOTDR, 55 dB Dynamic Range, LC/APC.
AF4-1xxC-LD: iSFC GbE CWDM Trx, 1xx1 nm DFB, 25 dB, 80 Km, uOTDR, 55 dB Dynamic Range, Fiber PT w Cx.

Integration with Alarm Monitoring

Detecting a fault is just the first step in the equation. Ideally, whenever the data link is broken, you should quickly be notified (via email, SMS text message, phone call, SNMP, etc.). With support for up to 64 devices, the T/Mon provides thorough coverage over all Micro-OTDR fault detectors.

Without the right visibility, a fault could go unnoticed for far too long. The T/Mon provides the means to keep you apprised of all faults and breaks in your fiber transports.

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T/Mon Units
T/Mon LNX: 16 user-selectable ports and LAN. Unrestricted remote access. Supports all T/Mon software modules.
T/Mon SLIM: Monitors up to 64 devices & 10,000 alarm points. Supports web browser and email alarm notifications.
T/Mon MINI: Cost-effective and easy to install, T/Mon MINI puts high-quality, centralized management of DPS RTUs within the reach of any company.

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