Video Review: NetGuardian 216 SMS

The NetGuardian 216 SMS uses standard wireless text message technology (SMS) to transmit SNMP traps to your SNMP manager. These traps are routed via text messages directly to your mobile phone. Special encoding makes it possible. See how when you watch this quick video.

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"What you need to solve these problems is, within your network, a simple receiver device that can accept SMS text messages via GSM/CDMA. Then, instead of trying to establish a troublesome and expensive IP connection wirelessly, your remotes can simply report alarms to the receiver device's phone number using SMS text messages. This is the same transport you might use to send a cell phone text message to a friend or family member.

Upon receiving a text message, the receiver device would translate the alarm into a standard SNMP trap and report it via LAN to your SNMP manager. In this way, you're able to transport alarms via GSM/CDMA wireless and bring them into your SNMP manager without allowing any direct IP connection through your firewall.

An RTU with built-in SMS capability also means that you can send text messages directly to your cell phone. This completely eliminates the need for an alarm master in networks small enough for direct management of individual sites."

Visit the NetGuardian 216 SMS Product Page.

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