"Video: Wireless, Battery, & Solar SNMP RTU..."

For reliable monitoring at sites without reliable power or transport, you need the NetDog 82 BW. With wireless (GPRS or CDMA), integrated UPS battery backup power, and a solar power option, this NetDog delivers monitoring when you need it most...

NetDog 82 BW Review

"The new technologies we've got wrapped up in this new NetDog are pretty exciting. First of all, this NetDog is equipped with backup battery power, around 10 hours worth. If you've ever had equipment fail because of an outage, you know how important it is to have a backup power source. The NetDog 82 BW also has a wireless option that you can use to your advantage in a couple ways. If you don't have LAN at all your sites, the NetDog can report alarms over your wireless network using GPRS or CDMA. And even if you do have LAN, wireless makes a great alternate reporting path, in case LAN ever fails. The last bit of R & D we've tied into the NetDog is solar power to charge the internal batteries. And when you combine all 3 of these technologies into one, durable SNMP RTU - we're talking about a remote that can handle just about anything."

"This RTU has everything you'd expect from a NetDog, plus a few others. It's got 8 discrete alarm inputs, which you'll wire up here on the front with these screw-lug terminals. It also has 2 to 4 analog inputs for monitoring temperature. If you go with the 4-analog option, 2 of those analogs will monitor internal and external temperature, and the other two are general purpose to use however you like. And of course, it's got the 32 ping alarms, which you can setup to notify you if any of your equipment goes offline. The NetDog will ping those 32 devices repeatedly at the interval you select to make sure they are still responding."

How does the NetDog BW monitor temperature?

"This NetDog comes equipped to monitor internal temperature, and you have the option of an external temperature probe to measure the temperature of a specific device. So having analog temperature sensing means that you'll get an accurate reading of critical environmental levels at your site. If your analog readings come back too hot or too cold, you know there's a problem. And here on the front is where you'll plug in an external temperature probe, just like this one. You just plug in the sensor to the NetDog, then place the sensor next a critical piece of equipment you want to monitor. Monitoring temperature is very important, because it can make all the difference in preventing an outage, fire, or other huge expense."

Perfect-Fit Custom Engineering for All DPS Telecom Equipment - Get Exactly What You Need.

"Our engineers are customization experts. They frequently finish projects in a matter of weeks. Another popular myth is that you have to buy hundreds of units in order for us to build you a custom product. With a typical minimum order of just 11 units, you don't have to buy huge quantities to get the product you want."

"DPS is all about perfect-fit customization. So if you want just the battery and solar power, or any other combination of technologies, we can definitely make it work. The NetDog started out without either battery or wireless, and that original model is also available if you don't need those extra technologies and want to keep your costs down. It's a smaller unit, as well, because it doesn't have to house any batteries."

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