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Full Specifications

NetDog 82 BW
See how this battery-powered, wireless SNMP remote fits into your network.
Full Specifications
Dimensions: 17" W x 12.5" D x 1.75" H
Weight: 9 lbs. 14 oz.
Mounting: Wall or rack
Power Input: -48 VDC (-40 to -70VDC); also available in +/-24VDC, -24 VDC
Current draw: 200mA when batteries at float voltage; 750mA when batteries charging
Battery Backup: 2 - 2.5 Amp-hour batteries (approx. 10 hrs of power)
Interfaces: 1 DB9 RS232 port
1 RJ45 Ethernet 10BaseT port
2.5mm stereo jack for optional external temp sensor
24 screw-down connectors and blocks (28 in the 4 analogs version)
CDMA interface
GPRS interface
Protocols: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, DCPx, TRIP, HTTP
Alarm Point Inputs: 8 discretes (Hardware configured: dry contact, TTL internally-based, TTL externally based)
Analog Alarms: 2 or 4 (Internal temp, external temp, & 2 general purpose)
Analog Accuracy: +/- 1% of actual value
Control Relays: 2 Form A
Fuse 1/2 amp GMT for power inputs, 1 amp GMT for batteries
Ping Targets: 32
Operating Temperature: 32 -140 F (0 -60 C)
Operating Humidity: 0%-95% non-condensing


The powerful LAN-based NetDog 82IP G2 provides network managers with remote visibility of their IP network elements. With 32 ping alarms, 8 discrete alarms, 2 controls, as well as a reach-through serial port, this compact, versatile unit is the ideal network monitoring solution for small to medium sized sites. If an element fails to respond to successive pings, or if something is amiss with the environmental controls, the NetDog notifies personnel using a variety of methods with a complete status message. Notification types include SNMP Traps, alphanumeric pager, numeric pager, text message, email, and T/MonXM.

What is New in the Net Dog-82IP G2
The NetDog-82IP Series adds these new features:
2 Analog Channels- The NetDog 82IP has 2 analog channels that can be utilized for monitoring humidity, raw voltage etc. This is an optional hardware configuration and is not included for all units.
2 Temperature Sensors (Internal and External)- The NetDog s internal and external temperature sensors monitor the ambient temperature. The external temperature sensor provides external temperature readings by plugging the sensor into the Temp port on the NetDog 82IP G2 s front panel. This is an optional hardware configuration and is not included for all units.
Alarm Point Grouping- Each NetDog 82IP can be assigned to one of eight groups, which are identified with a user-defined label. Some of the ways you can use Alarm Point Grouping include alarm severity levels, custom virtual alarms, flexible custom derived controls, and granular pager and email notification.
Alarm Sync- The NetDog 82IP G2 also provides a new com- mand to re-synchronize all alarms. This command clears all

Ordering Options

NetDog 82 BW
Order your NetDog with 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries. Doubling your battery count will double your available discharging time. Chassis size remains the same.

NetDog 82 BW
You can also equip your NetDog for wireless alarm reporting. Wireless reporting uses GSM/CDMA networks.