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Mobile Cellular RTUs Provide On-the-Go Alarm Coverage

Have you been looking to improve your visibility over your fleet of trucks/vehicles? A lack of practical LAN or dialup connectivity has prevented many companies from monitoring this part of their operations. However, new wireless reporting now gives you the technology to monitor key conditions from the on-the-go locations.

By combining DPS cellular RTUs (support for both GPRS/GSM and CDMA are available) with the power from the vehicle's battery, you now have a small, flexible, and mobile monitoring system. This means any critical, must-know information about your vehicles is easily accessible and visible.

What kinds of conditions and elements could you potentially monitor?

  • GPS location to track the location of the vehicle
  • Analog channels via D-Wire sensors (excellent for monitoring cold storage on trucks)
  • Potentially tie into vehicle systems (RPM, fuel levels, etc) that have compatible interfaces
  • Door alarms for security purposes
  • Contact closures
Cellular Monitoring Topology
Monitor mobile parts of your network using cellular RTUs.

Three Ways Cellular RTUs Can Help You

There are many different ways you could use a cellular reporting RTU, but some of the more common applications include:

  1. Trailer/Truck Monitoring System

    If you have any trucks or trailers that are a key part of your operations, why turn a blind eye to their status? A small cellular RTU (like the Cell Voice 4) positioned on a truck/trailer can bring a big blind spot under your monitoring umbrella.
  2. Maritime Cold Storage

    Tons upon tons of food is shipped constantly via the sea on a daily basis. With a storage container full of chilled food, all it takes is one blown cooling unit and a big shipment of food is ruined. Proactively detecting rises in temperature can be a key indicator of a looming problem. A small RTU can easily monitor cold storage status and report problems wirelessly at the first sign of trouble.
  3. Tower Alarm Monitoring

    Both stationary tower sites and mobile towers (after natural disasters) are important to monitor. Many companies have towers located conveniently in the middle of nowhere. This means a critical site with no practical way of communicating with the rest of your network. Reporting alarms via SMS can provide a communication link to a critical part of your network when there are no other ways. When mobile towers are deployed, they should be positioned to immediately begin operating - and this means they should be monitored.

The possible applications don't stop here. Just imagine the vulnerable parts of your network - the places with no connection into your network - and what it could be like with improved visibility.

A handful of small RTUs are easy to manage on an individual basis, but once your deployment begins to grow, individual management quickly becomes a huge burden. A centralized management interface creates a seamless experience to monitor and management large deployments.

SMS Interface Box
The SMS Interface Box.

Consolidate a Fleet of Monitored Trucks with an SMS Interface Box

A fleet of vehicles with RTUs could present a big management headache. Provisioning and maintaining each device individually in a large deployment would quickly become tedious.

An SMS Interface Box provides a centralized utility to consolidate segments of your fleet into a single interface - significantly reducing the time required to manage all of your RTUs. With email notifications, a web browser interface, and history event logging, you'll have eyes over the status of your entire fleet of trucks.

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