"The Completely Independent NetDog G2: Solar Power, Wireless Connection..."

Think about your most remote site. You don't have LAN, and your power options are limited.

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to worry about power and network connectivity for your alarm remote? You'd just install it at your site and the remote would cover the rest.

This variant of the NetDog G2 is about to become your best friend for outside-plant monitoring. With an available solar panel and battery, plus a wireless network connection (GSM or CDMA), the NetDog G2 independently powers itself and provides its own alarm reporting path.

This independence makes installing the NetDog a breeze. But it also gives you long-term benefits you'll enjoy for years.

At any site, your monitoring should be the last thing that ever goes down. When your site equipment is disrupted in any way, your monitoring must remain so that it will alert you.

That's exactly why the NetDog with solar and wireless is so valuable. If power fails at the site, it has its own power to alert you. If the network connection fails, it can report alarms to you via wireless. If only all your gear could be so considerate.

And if you have LAN at the site? Go ahead and wire the NetDog into it. Then you'll save the wireless connection as an emergency backup.

Learn more about how the NetDog G2 provides totally independent monitoring at any site within a wireless network (GSM or CDMA). Contact DPS Sales at 1-800-693-0351.

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