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Benefits Of A GSM Modem: Cellular Transport For Remote Sites

Many companies have implemented the remote monitoring and control systems. Some companies find themselves in the unpleasant position of deploying updated revenue-generating core equipment at sites without access to a LAN uplink. Updating LAN infrastructure, especially across the vast geographical territories of many companies is an expensive and sometimes slow process.

What transport options are available for these sites before LAN reaches them? What options does an on-site technician have for accessing the internet or company VPN portals? Cell phones and the networks they operate on have created some interesting transport options. Many companies have begun to adopt technology into their infrastructure that comes from the phone in their pocket.

Cellular networks offer new transport possibilities for Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) and Master Stations to communicate without traditional connections. How can equipment establish a connection and transmit this information through cellular towers?

The fastest solution is to use an external GSM modem. Many LAN enabled monitoring or mission-critical devices are still fully capable of performing their job, but lack the LAN path that many technicians strive for to help make their job more efficient. By including an external GSM modem, they have a wireless alternative that allows all the benefits of modern transport at a fraction of the cost of a full LAN upgrade.

Through upgrading to GSM-capable networks, businesses also may be left with a back-up plan in case their LAN, or in some cases hardware, fails. This also allows them to have messages sent to the Master Station, notifications sent to individuals working in the field, or even to trigger an alarm response across the country in a split-second.

If an external modem seems like a worthy addition to your equipment, the best place to start is with a call to your sales representative.