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You remote monitoring system must have adequate battery backup. After all, your remote monitoring should always be the last thing at any remote site to fail. You might be thinking, "But I have battery plant at my remote sites." But, whether that's true or not, you really need to have a dedicated UPS battery just for your alarm remote to make sure that it can continue running no matter what happens to your site power. Of course, you may already know that one DPS RTU, the NetDog 82 BW, already has a built-in UPS battery. The trouble used to be that the NetDog didn't always have the right capacities and feature set for every monitoring situation. What was needed was a simple, 1 RU shelf that would contain batteries and power any DPS RTU that you plugged into it.

That's exactly what's been created. The UPS Expansion is an RTU accessory that you can use with any DPS RTU you like. Whether you need the full-featured NetGuardian 832A or something smaller like the NetGuardian 216 G3, your options are wide open.

No matter which RTU you decide to use, you'll get plenty of run-time from the UPS batteries. Testing with a NetGuardian 216 G3 and a wireless modem yielded over 3 days of battery life. Now, regardless of the RTU you need, you know that it will remain powered when you need it most. When you combine a UPS with a wireless modem, then you've got a truly independent remote monitoring solution.

As always, if you like what you're seeing, but there's one thing in particular that you know you're going to need, contact DPS. Engineering is in-house for exactly that reason: to make the little changes that you need to make the product a perfect fit for your environment.

For more information about the UPS Expansion for DPS alarm remotes, call DPS at 1-800-693-0351. You can also send email to, or use the form below to send Mac Smith a quick message.

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