Smart Fuse Panel AB6

Remote Power AB6 Switch
The Smart Fuse Panel (Remote Power AB6 Switch) includes 12 fuses, 2 circuit breakers, and a LAN port.

If you've ever had to jump in your truck and drive hours to a site to reboot jammed equipment, you know just how useful a remote power switch can be. You also need the ability to deactivate your equipment remotely in the event of an emergency. Remote shut-down capabilities give you greater control and management for your entire network in times of emergency.

That's exactly why the new Smart Fuse Panel ("Remote Power Switch AB6") was designed. It combines the functionality of a traditional fuse alarm distribution panel, a power distribution unit (that can control power outputs to cycle your equipment), and an optional integrated RTU that gives you additional environmental monitoring - all in a single box. At just 1RU in size, it's the physical-size match of the most common fuse panels.

What You Get With the Smart Fuse Panel.
  • New! Alarming Option for the Smart Fuse Panel AB6.
  • New! D-Wire Option.
  • Power distribution panel that allows you to switch on/off and reboot equipment, right from your desk chair.
  • Redundant -48vdc power inputs (-35 to -56 vdc)
  • Each of the 2 inputs services 6 outputs (ideal for connecting devices with two redundant power supplies).
  • Optional integrated RTU that allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, water, air flow, motion, etc.
  • A&B source feed voltage monitoring.
  • Sequenced power-on to reduce power-on surges.
  • Convenient front-panel fuses, and dual input breakers.
  • LEDs indicate when power off/fuse blown.
  • Unique SNMP traps sent when power relay activated/deactivated, individual fuse blown, or input power lost.
  • Secure web browsing (via SSL encryption) for security-conscious organizations.