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Controller Extension Box

Have you already deployed RTUs, but now you need the high-current relays of a PDU? (If not, you may want to take a look at native Power Distribution Units with built-in RTU monitoring to get the same advantages with just one box)

Due to budget constraints, you can't just throw out your RTU or add an entirely new PDU (unless its time to upgrade anyway, in which case you may want to consider a brand new telco-grade RTU).

You need a small box that converts low-current control relays from your RTU into high-current relays for power distribution and device control. A relay that controls 10 Amps would be adequate for most Telecom equipment.

Rtu to PDU Converter Box

Getting an easily-integrated rack-mounted solution gives you the option to quickly and efficiently expand your relay controls, without having to rely on product availability or capacity constraints. You definitely should not have to focus valuable time and resources on building in-house relay boxes or creating custom-fit solutions when commercially existing options are immediately available at DPS.

This is why the DPS engineers have created the RTU-to-PDU Controller Extension Box. This rack mounted solution integrates easily with your RTU units and provides you with the ability to remotely switch up to 4 devices at your site, using a single relay input.

The Controller Extension Box gives you the strength of a telco-grade device, but offers the flexibility to be purchased whenever a project demands it, leaving you to make the most of your time and budget.

The Controller Extension box is specifically designed to complement the NetGuardian RTU (even though it's compatible with any RTU with relay outputs). Once deployed, this unit will have the look, color, and feel of an integrated solution that is built from the same factory as the NetGuardian and to the same high standards. You won't need to rely on third-party options that don't fit the quality or standards of your current system. The converter boxes have the same assurance of supply as all DPS devices and technical support to the extent that it may be needed.

The Controller Extension box is able to switch devices remotely on and off without visiting the site, thus eliminating windshield time. With a rating of 10Amps at 60 Vdc, the Controller Extension box can be used with dramatically high-power-switching applications.

  • Supports switching for either positive or negative voltages relative to GND (depending on what power is provided at the source input).
  • Each output is 1 Form C (double-throw, single-pole) and provides maximum +/-60Vdc at 10A switching capability.
  • There are 4 discrete inputs to drive the 4 relays. Coil power for the 4 relays is provided internally so that dry-contacts can be used to interface to the discrete inputs of the box.
  • All connectors are locking RIA pluggable.