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New PDU: Slash Costs and Improve Productivity by Deploying this DC-Powered-AC-Switching Remote Power Switch

Driving all the way to distant sites just to reboot equipment or perform other simple tasks is a massive waste of your time and money. You don't have to drive hours just to reboot some jammed gear or power cycle some equipment when you have a Remote Power Switch (RPS). A Remote Power Switch will give you the ability to remotely control power to your devices.

remote power switch applications
With this DC-Powered-AC-Switching Remote Power Switch, you'll be able to toggle power to your AC devices - without rolling a single truck.

New DC Input Remote Power Switch with AC Outputs
This new Remote Power Switch (PDU) has 7 AC outputs with a DC input. This means that, if AC power goes down at one of your sites, your monitoring equipment will remain online via DC power. You can still monitor critical conditions at your remote site until commercial AC power is online.

With an RPS like this deployed at your sites, you'll enjoy better remote access and control to your equipment. If you've ever had to jump in your truck and drive hours to a site just to reboot jammed equipment, then you already know exactly why you need a Remote Power Switch.

You'll be able to remotely toggle power to all of your AC-powered gear - meaning you won't have to waste your time driving the next time you need to turn on a backup generator or power cycle equipment. Each AC output can support up to 10 amps individually and the total amperage across all 7 outputs can be up to 20 amps.

Just imagine the gains in productivity you'll achieve. Instead of paying a technician to drive and waste gas, you can pay him or her to work on valuable assignments and get more done. This will help you come in under budget - so you have extra money to spend on more projects.

Slash Costs with a Remote Power Switch
Using any PC on your network, you'll be able to operate control relays, toggle power, check temperature at your sites, and monitor power consumption - without putting a technician behind the windshield of a truck. Your team will waste less and deliver more results. Getting more out of your current resources is the most cost-effective way to drive up productivity.

remote power switch
A Remote Power Switch is useful in many different industries. Get the remote control you need - call DPS today.

With any RPS from DPS, you'll get SNMP compatibility. This means you can send SNMP traps and/or receive email notifications about the status of your gear. You'll also be able to remotely access your gear at any time via the secure (supports HTTPS) web interface.

Get this RPS and an alarm remote (RTU) in the same box
You can even order this DC-powered Remote Power Switch to come with integrated alarm remote. Monitoring critical environmental conditions at your sites is an essential function to ensuring your network is stable and reliable. Without the right monitoring system in place, your gear is susceptible to environmental threats causing a crippling network outage.

With the alarm monitoring option, you'll get 16 discrete inputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 control relays. Instead of only getting remote power toggling capabilities with your RPS, you'll also have the ability to collect and report alarms. These monitoring capabilities help you avoid preventable outages that cause serious damage and bringing down your network.

You have the option of integrating your Remote Power Switch and RTU into a single device. Paying for more devices than you truly need is simply a waste of money. Why pay for a separate Remote Power Switch and Monitoring Remote Telemetry Unit when you could get the functionality of both from the same 1 RU box? You can save money on installation expenses and save precious rack space with this DC-powered RPS.

Deploy a Remote Power Switch to Cut Costs and Protect Your Revenue
If you're ready to spend less money on wasteful windshield time, improve productivity among your team, and boost your revenue by keeping customers happy and winning business from competitors through reliable service, then you'll want to get in touch with the DPS Sales Engineers. These DPS experts can answer any questions you have about this Remote Power Switch, help you choose the right monitoring gear, or even provide you with an ROI analysis.

Call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) them to learn more about using this DC-powered AC power switch for your network.