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New PDU Applications: Automated Fan Control, High Security Shutdown, and Toggling Power...

In recent years, DPS Power Distribution Units (PDU's) have been growing in popularity. To see how these PDU's are being used, let's take a look at three real-world, proven applications. You'll learn how to control your fans, perform high-security shut-downs, and how you can toggle power to your external devices.

Custom applications allow DPS clients to get the specialized solutions they need, without paying extra for multiple devices and installation costs to get the same results. Let's take a look at two new applications for DPS Remote Power Switches.

Using the Smart Fuse Panel for Automated Fan Control
One DPS client faced a tough problem. They needed to control cooling fans for two separate large rooms, but this process needed to be automated for improved efficiency. Each room had multiple cooling fans, but the room's temperature didn't always require all fans to run. Most of the time, power could be conserved by running just one fan. This client didn't want to leave all of their fans running 24/7, but they also wanted to make sure they were running and cooling down the rooms when the temperature was elevated.

fan control with the smart fuse panel ab6
Automated and efficient control of cooling fans for large rooms.

They chose to deploy the Smart Fuse Panel AB6 - which integrates a smart fuse panel and remote power switch. This unit connected to 8 total fans: 4 at the first room and 4 at the second room. Each set of 4 fans was always in one of four modes: 1 fan running, 2 fans running, 3 fans running, and 4 fans running. To provide this solution, DPS engineered new firmware for the AB6 device. This new firmware for automatic fan control is now available for you.

When the temperature would rise to a specified point, 1 fan would turn on. If the temperature continued to rise, the second fan would turn on, and so on until all four fans were running. Once the temperature cooled down, the fourth fan would turn off, then the third, and so on. This automated system adjusted the number of fans operating based on the specified temperature thresholds.

This automation allowed this DPS client to only run the specific number of fans they needed for temperature control - which is much more efficient (and much safer) than manually turning on fans or leaving them all running at all times.

This setup also featured another neat trick. When the standard "1 fan running" mode was engaged, the system would periodically rotate among the 4 available fans. This way, the arbitrarily defined "Fan 1" wouldn't be overused and worn out before the others. Distributing the work among all four fans helps this company extend the life of their cooling fans.

High Security Shutdowns: Remote Power Control for Security Conscious Companies
Another DPS client works in an industry where security is a top priority. If they were to ever experience an unauthorized attack on their command centers, they needed to be able to remotely kill power to prevent serious damage or the theft of classified information.

high security shutdowns via AC remote power switch
Remote kill power to a variety of AC devices with the AC Remote Power Switch.

They chose to deploy an AC Remote Power Switch to perform remote shutdowns of compromised equipment. All of their computers, phone systems, monitors, and cameras could be attached to their Remote Power Switch. If there ever was a compromising attack, they could remotely kill the power to all of this gear. This stops any attack dead in its tracks and preserves the safety of critical security information.

They also needed to toggle power via secure web browsing. They needed an effective web interface that supported HTTPS and is password protected. The Remote Power Switch has all of these security capabilities.

The Smart Fuse Panel AB6
A third unique application for DPS remote power switch technology is to replace your traditional power distribution (fuse) panels with new "smart" versions. The Remote Power Switch AB6 (also known as the "Smart Fuse Panel") device combines the functionality of a traditional fuse alarm distribution panel, a power distribution unit, and an optional integrated remote telemetry unit - all in a single box. You can remotely control the power to all of your equipment and even monitor environmental alarms from your fuse panel. The AB6 requires only 1 RU, so you won't consume any rack space that you're not using already.

The Remote Power Switch AB6 is an excellent example of the DPS "Install Only One Box" philosophy. At many companies, installing a piece of gear can cost just as much as buying a piece of gear. Purchasing 3 devices and installing 3 devices is expensive, time-consuming, rack-consuming, and complicated. Purchasing and installing 1 device that performs 3 functions is faster, cheaper, and easier.

Get more details about these applications
If you have a unique monitoring and control challenge or you want to learn more about the DPS Remote Power Switches, then call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) the experts at DPS. The DPS Sales Engineers specialize in providing monitoring and control solutions that are tailor-made to handle the unique challenges of your network - so you get results, not ineffective equipment.

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