How 22 Solutions LLC Prepared to Electronically Control Site Access and Remotely Toggle System Power

John Pullicino 22 Solutions
John Pullicino
President and CEO
22 Solutions

22 Solutions LLC is a Systems Integration Test and Project Management company. They provide system turn-up, testing, and installation for SONET and DWDM rings, along with fiber characterization, Ethernet Backhaul testing, and system design for customers and carriers nationwide. 22 Solutions LLC troubleshoots and fixes problems with quality solutions without delays, thus enabling customers to hit deadlines, meet milestones and land funding.

John Pullicino, President and CEO of 22 Solutions LLC, recently attended Factory Training at DPS Telecom Headquarters in Fresno, CA, United States. He was looking for a company to provide him with monitoring technology needed for his consulting business and he came to DPS.

"With the Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel you really have it all," he said, "What else is there for a building?"

The Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel: Providing remote site control to reduce maintenance expenses
While attending factory training, Pullicino learned about the full range of DPS solutions. He found two new devices he will use on future projects: the Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel. These two devices will give him electronic building control and allow him to remotely toggle power to devices.

Building Access System App Dwg
Both the Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel can be connected via LAN - giving you reliable remote control over buildings (via the Building Access System) and power toggling (via Smart Fuse Panel AB6).

"With the Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel, you really have it all," he said. "What else is there for a building?" Pullicino is excited to use and deploy the Building Access System and Smart Fuse Panel with his consulting business.

"I love coming to DPS - it's awesome and eye opening. This is how it should be done - this is how you should build products."

Pullicino discovers a secret weapon: DPS in-house engineering leads to multi-purpose boxes, short lead times, and perfect-fit customization
"I love coming to DPS - it's awesome and eye opening," said Pullicino. "This is how it should be done - this how you should build products." All DPS gear is built and designed from the ground-up at DPS Headquarters - from the metal chassis to the circuit boards to the software.

Smart Fuse Panel AB6
The Smart Fuse Panel is a standard distribution/fuse panel with the added ability to remotely toggle each power output via SNMP SET commands or the web interface.

By doing the entire manufacturing process themselves, DPS Telecom is able to provide clients with quick service, custom engineering, and devices that can serve multiple purposes in one box. "You're the epitome of a Silicon Valley company - DPS has really embraced the Silicon Valley philosophy," Pullicino said.

"A whole slew of companies I've worked with all have their own way of monitoring alarms, but none of them were able to cover all of the bases like DPS."

Hands-on training gives Pullicino a first-hand look at DPS equipment for the future of 22 Solutions
Pullicino realized that he needed monitoring gear for many of his projects, and needed a quality vendor that could deliver results for him and his clients. By attending Factory Training, he was able to become more familiar with DPS Telecom's array of monitoring equipment that he could potentially use.

"I've been to other classes before, but they're never as in-depth as this," said Pullicino, "even when you pay $3,000." He was tired of the shallow and lackluster training classes he's previously attended, and found that DPS's free and in-depth training provided him with experience he needed.

Pullicino is sure that the expert instruction, presentations, and hands-on exercises will give him the edge he needs to implement the right gear. "When it comes down to it, you got all the materials in your hands and the equipment right in front of you," he said. "Normally, you don't get a lot of face time with the equipment, but here you have it right in front of you from day one. That was really good."

With DPS products in mind, Pullicino is now prepared for future projects at 22 Solutions. "A whole slew of companies I've worked with all have their own way of monitoring alarms," said Pullicino, "but none of them were able to cover all of the bases like DPS Telecom."

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