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Remote Monitoring isn't the most exciting technology, but it offers big ROI

You'd be surprised how many people we struggle to speak with, but then come beating down our doors after they suffer through an expensive, embarrassing, and totally preventable network outage.

We've actually come to think of monitoring/SCADA as a form of "insurance", as it's always too expensive until you need it (and then you wish you could buy it after-the-fact at almost any price).

DpsTele.com is a massive resource for SCADA information

You may not want to learn about SCADA/monitoring today, but there's a good chance you may want to in the future. Keep www.DpsTele.com in mind for when that day comes. We'll be here with helpful guides and equipment.

If you're ever in central California, you're certainly welcome to stop by and see us at any time. We'll give you a full factory tour of our Fresno, CA engineering and manufacturing headquarters. You'll see how we design circuits, put parts on the PCB, write firmware for our RTUs, write software for our alarm masters, cut metal, bend metal, powder-coat metal, and assemble everything for shipment to you. It's a rare way to do business in the United States in the 21st century - but it's the only way that we can give you totally customized, perfect-fit remote monitoring solutions.

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