Localized Monitoring and Reporting of Your Fiber Optic Network Status

More and more companies are using fiber these days, but aren't taking the necessary precautions to avoid costly outages. The key to avoiding outages caused by fiber faults is early detection. With advanced notification of broken links and faults, you'll instantly get the upper hand in preventing outages. How does this fiber fault detection technology work? This White Paper will explain.

You will understand the necessary components of a complete fiber fault monitoring solution. This will ensure that you have the knowledge needed in order to make the right selection for your individual needs.

This White Paper will also explain the advantages of fiber fault monitoring, as well as how to choose the correct vendor your solution.

Read this network monitoring guide to learn...

  • How to monitor fiber optic networks
  • Fundamental components of a performance monitoring solution
  • The advantages of fiber optic monitoring with Micro-OTDR/SFP transceivers
  • What to keep in mind when choosing your vendor
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This straightforward guide will teach you how to pinpoint fiber faults in your network. You'll get an alert that includes the range (in feet or meters) from the last active node to the fiber break.