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How Will You Weather-Proof Your Network?

Harsh weather and natural disasters can really do a number on your network. So how do you keep your network online when Mother Nature throws a flood, heatwave, or snowstorm at it? How do you minimize network downtime when the inevitable network outage occurs?

This White Paper offers a number of tips to help you answer these questions. It won't tell you what specific devices to buy. Every network is different, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. An energy network in West Texas will deal with different adversities than a network in Canada. This White Paper will provide you with strategies to help you help safeguard uptime and minimize downtime when your clients need it most.


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Selecting the Right Telecom Network Management System

Make sure these essential functions are included in any telecom network management system that you consider:

  • Alarm sorting and analysis: Make sense of alarm cascades with automatic intelligent alarm sorting, filtering, processing, and trend analysis.
  • Alarm presentation and notification: Send detailed alarm descriptions and correction instructions to NOC and field techs via pager notifications and web interfaces.
  • Alarm collection and device management: Don't settle for limited alarm monitoring systems. Get multiprotocol support for every monitoring device in your network, plus discrete alarms, analog alarms, ping alarms, and redundant path reporting.