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9 Guides to Alarm Monitoring Regulations, Requirements and Opportunities.

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Data Center Remote Alarm Monitoring And Control; Protect IT Equipment With Master Systems And Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs).

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Monitoring your data center is absolutely vital if you intend to keep your servers online and providing reliable service for your customers. There are a host of challenges that, if not properly managed, can bring down your data center. Temp can rise above acceptable levels. Well-meaning but novice employees can off-line your servers while executing a seemingly harmless procedure, and outside intruders can enter your data center.

A single data center management device can monitor for all of these threats at the same time. The management solution you choose will mostly depend on the size of your data center. For a small server room or closet, it's most likely o.k. to install a single monitoring and management device. This has built-in or external temperature sensors for tracking temperature. It will also electronically control physical access into the data center, which helps to prevent damage caused by both employees and non-employees.

When monitoring temperature, you need to evaluate where the potential "hot spots" and high risk areas are in your data center. Any device that is prone to overheating, or is so valuable that heat must be strictly monitored, should have its own dedicated temperature probe. This is much more effective than a simple temp sensor. It measures the temperature right at the target device rather than within the data center management unit.

3 Fatal Mistakes In Managing Alarms in Your Communications and Data Networks.

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Service reliability matters now more than ever. Research has shown that there are 3 main factors that cause customer churn:

  1. A better deal
  2. Service Reliability
  3. Customer service

You can "purchase" new customers through bundled service offers and promotional discounts, but they'll take their phone number and run to the next best deal offered by your competition if you don't provide consistent, reliable service.

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"Buying more than you need" and "buying less than you need" are real risks. You also have to think about training, tech support, and upgrade availability.

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