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Connect your Modbus Controllers to your SNMP Manager with this Mediator RTU

You probably have both Modbus and SNMP

In your network, you may have some Modbus controllers at remote locations. Many propane/diesel generators today utilize Modbus controllers, so consider them as one example of Modbus gear.

Generator controllers are a common Modbus example

You know that your remote-site generators are priceless. They kick on when power is out and your battery plant is running out of juice. If your generator fails, it won't be long before your site goes dark. Your customers will be upset. Your boss will be upset.

Modbus Diagram
In this diagram, your Modbus gear connects to the TempDefender G2. The TempDefender G2 mediates the Modbus to SNMP and sends it via LAN to your SNMP manager.

Modbus and SNMP aren't naturally compatible

Good remote monitoring of your generators is the obvious answer, but there are challenges. Some of your generators may not have SNMP capability or LAN access. They do a fine job of generating electricity, but they likely use a Modbus based controller. In today's SNMP world, there hasn't been an easy way to interface your Modbus controllers to your primary SNMP manager.

You need this simple conversion RTU

What you need is a simple device that mediates between Modbus and SNMP. Then you could view Modbus alarms on your SNMP manager. You could issue commands to your Modbus gear using SNMP SET. That's exactly why Modbus mediation is now available on DPS RTUs, such as the TempDefender G2 and many NetGuardians. With one install, you can get visibility and control of your Modbus controllers, including generators.

Mediate RS-485 or LAN Modbus to SNMP

This is only one example, of course. Modbus controllers are tied to many kinds of equipment beyond generators. With a Modbus-SNMP converter, you can continue using them. Plus, when you deploy a TempDefender/NetGuardian RTU as your converter, you'll get to use its user-friendly web interface. You won't have to waste budget dollars on a low quality interface from your Modbus manufacturer.

You'll also avoid using complicated IP-serial converters. Those create wiring hassles and force you to maintain drivers on your servers.

Let's continue with the generator example. With a Modbus-SNMP mediator, you could track important Modbus registers like:

  • Water temperature HIGH.
  • Oil pressure LOW.
  • Engine speed OVER.
  • Engine hours.
  • Battery voltage / alternator output.
  • Generator voltage AC.
  • Generator amps.
  • Fuel level LOW.

Remember that, aside from translating Modbus to SNMP, an RTU is still an RTU. You'll get some discrete points, analog inputs, and control relays to monitor and control other things at your site.

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